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Brooklands Farm and Broken Hammers

June 6, 2008

How long does it take to create an easy access path and put up a new gate?

The V-Team’s task for today seemed straight-forward enough – to lay some mesh for a new easy access path to allow wheelchair users to enjoy the reserve at Brooklands Farm (the Dorset Wildlife Trust’s H. Q.) and to put up a new gate and fencing.  But if only we’d known the problems we would encounter! Even with seven of us ( Dan, Georgie, Katherine, Kerry-Ann, Lucie, Nigel and Noel), it turned out to be a real challenge, lasting two days.

The first day was spent trying to remove the existing gate post which had been there so long it seemed to have taken root! No matter how hard we tried to dig, pull, twist, bang or even kick the post it would not come out. We did consider reversing the Land Rover into it but decided against that as it wouldn’t look very professional (to say nothing of the endless Health and Safety issues that would have involved!). So we were left to remove this stubborn post with our bare hands.

In the end Dan saved the day and single-handedly pulled the post out (that was after he had managed to bend one of the hammers in frustration!) 


Putting the new post in also turned out to be a headache – just when we had started to concrete it in, we discovered it was actually in the wrong place and so we had to race against time to dig it out before the concrete set! Finally at the end of the day our new post stood proudly in the right place, ready for us to fix the gate to.

We returned to Brooklands the next day to finish the job and were relieved to see that nothing had happened to our post in the night! We managed to get the gate put up, the new fencing put in and the easy access path laid out in less time than it had taken to remove that post, which should give you an idea of just how difficult it had been (and to prove that we aren’t just a bunch of complainers!). Even those tasks didn’t run entirely smoothly, as we had a few problems with getting the right hinges for the gate, but as you can see from our picture below it all turned out well in the end!

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