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Battling The Six Foot Stinging Forest

June 10, 2008

An orchard overgrown with six foot high stinging nettles that needed to be cleared – sounds like another job for the V-Team!

Today the V-Team were really out in the middle of nowhere at Peascombe Reserve, down some very narrow lanes barely wide enough for the V-Team Truck. Dan, Georgie, Jared, Lisa and Lucie had the task of clearing an orchard that had completely been taken over by stinging nettle and many were taller than us!

The Peascombe Reserve is home to two well-established badger families (or clans) as well as several setts. There are plans to turn an old outbuilding into a hide so that visitors will be able to watch the badgers in their natural habitat. There are also plans to create an education centre as well to encourage children to take an interest in learning about wildlife. So of course it was important that the stinging nettles were cleared, especially as there would be a group of school-children visiting the reserve the next day.

The nettles were so high that we couldn’t even see the orchard to begin with and at first we started clearing the wrong area! We were armed with long and short slashers whilst Dan, Jared and Lucie had strimmers to use. Jared got a bit carried away at times and all we could hear was Lucie shouting his name!

It was a very hot day and to give you an idea of how hard we worked, we got through about 25 litres of water between us! We spent about 6 hours slashing and strimming and by the end of the day we had managed to clear a really large area, including the whole orchard.

Below are some more pictures from the day.

Jared and Georgie stopping for a rest.

The V-Team decided to bury Lucie (only joking!)

We finally finished our mammoth task in the late afternoon and we were all covered in nettle stings. It had been hard work but a really enjoyable day.

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