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Corfe Mullen Wildlife Pond

June 19, 2008

The V-Team were needed to create a wildlife pond and Dan, an expert in pond construction, was the obvious person to put in charge.  How did we get on?

 With Dan as foreman, the rest of us (Alison, Georgie, Kerry-Ann, Lisa and Lucie) were relying on him to tell us what to do, as we had no experience of creating ponds. We were in a back garden somewhere in the depths of Corfe Mullen and by the end of the day we had to have transformed what was originally a flower bed into a pond.

The first thing to do was to establish the shape and size of the pond before we started digging (and to also make sure that Jane was happy with it all, as it was her garden ). Jane does a lot of work with the Dorset Wildlife Trust and also in her local area and was keen to create this pond to attract a lot more wildlife. She has also documented the making of the pond on her own blog which you can visit at:, where you will also find many other interesting stories about conservation both in her back garden and further afield.

It turned out to be something of an archaeological dig when we unearthed some Edwardian glass and pottery  – and several large bones, which we identified to be those of an ancient cow! It must have been the secret hoard of a dog belonging to a previous occupant of the house! We were surprised at how deep we needed to dig the pond and at how many wheelbarrow loads of soil we removed.

Once we had the actual pond dug out we then needed to line it, using old carpet, fleece and finally a special pond liner. The pond was designed with a deep end which gradually became shallower which would allow wildlife such as foxes to drink from it. At its deepest, the pond was about 2.5 feet deep with shelves at different heights to allow different plants to establish and to provide different habitats for a range of invertebrates and amphibians. Now all we had to do was sit and wait for the pond to fill and enjoy the sun while it lasted! It’s hard work being a volunteer!

While we were waiting, who should turn up but Jared, another V-Team member. He had said he would come to help out, but funnily enough when he arrived all the hard work had been done! Still, it was worth him coming just to catch sight of him in his jodhpurs!

When we had calmed down from all that excitement, it was back to work! We just needed to place some rocks around the edge of the pond to finish it off, creating extra places for plants and wildlife to become established and Jane would add some plants at a later date.

Below you can see the V-Team proudly sat around our finished pond and we will definitely be checking Jane’s blog to see what wildlife it attracts.

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  1. July 11, 2008 7:28 am

    Thank you for helping with my pond…. I couldn’t have done it without your help!

  2. Steve (DWT) permalink
    July 11, 2008 8:24 am

    We had a great day, and learnt lots about building a pond – most of us had never done that before. Perhaps we should have told you that before we started! Very satisfying work, and we are so glad that you are pleased with it.

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