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The Volunteer’s Tea Party

July 11, 2008

The promise of tea and cakes on the lawn at Creech Grange – the V-Team didn’t need to be asked twice!

Today the entire V-Team were re-united for a special tea-party held to thank all volunteers with the Dorset Wildlife Trust. It was great to see everyone again, as Dan and Jared had left us at the end of June to work elsewhere. We had to take the mini-bus as there were so many of us – Alison, Dan, Georgie, Jared, Kerry-Ann, Lisa, Lucie and Ross.

The tea party was being held in the grounds of Creech Grange, a beautiful stately home near Kimmeridge. Before we could set off, there were a few jobs to be done and the mini-bus and vans needed to be loaded. As there would be many other volunteers besides the V-Team coming to this event, we would be stopping on the way to put up sign posts.

At Creech Grange, a large marquee had been set up already on the lawns and we had some displays to put up which would explain to the other volunteers about the work we’ve been doing. Then we helped put the tablecloths out and generally made ourselves useful. We were amazed at how many cups of tea would be needed and found it hard to stay away from the cake – the other volunteers probably wouldn’t have been too pleased if we had eaten it all before they had even arrived!

In amongst all the preparation, we even found time for a few games of rounders. We used our initiative and made ourselves a bat out of an old stick and luckily Lucie had a tennis ball with her. That used up some of Ross’s seemingly endless supply of energy, especially as he was a complete team by himself at one point!

Our improvised bat.

Team Ross in action.

In the end it became too much for Ross and his one-man team!

Near the field where we had our games of rounders were some gorgeous horses which we all had to go and see. Jared couldn’t tear himself away from them and seemed to have made a friend for life with one of them.

The other guests began arriving at about 2.30pm and the V-Team went into action with Dan, Jared, Kerry-Ann and Ross on car-parking duties and Alison, Georgie, Lisa and Lucie helping make the many cups of tea. Then we all went down to the marquee to join the party. Steve made a speech about the V-Team and told everyone about our blog pages so they could see what we’ve been up to. We had lots of photos taken of us and before all the attention we were getting could go to our heads, it was definitely time for some tea and cake! There were so many cakes to choose from that it was almost impossible to decide what to have – lemon drizzle, iced chocolate sponge, fruit cake, jam and cream sponge, chocolate swiss roll, shortbread …..  it’s a hard life being a volunteer!

Jared pondering over what to have next…..

We really enjoyed our day and it was nice to meet all the other people who volunteer with the Trust. There were people of all ages and backgrounds, so there really is something for everyone – we would definitely recommend getting involved.

Below are some more photos from the day:

The V-Team re-united!

Dan, Ross and Jared in their fetching fluorescent tabards!

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