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A Day of Meadow Creation or: Making Hay whilst the Sun Shone

August 4, 2008
The aim of the game on today’s outing was the creation of a meadow out of farmland.  One third of the field had been left as meadow and we wanted to reseed the remaining two thirds which was farmland so it would return to being a meadow.  This involved cutting the meadow grass with a rotary disk mower.  The idea behind this is to spread the grass and wildflower seeds in the field to stimulate the growth of a new meadow.
V-Team Posse

V-Team Posse.

When? 30th July 2008.

Who? The V-team in conjunction with Debbie Watkins from the Dorchester head office of the DWT and other volunteers.

Where? Green Hay, a farmer’s field in the little village of Corscombe in west Dorset.

We arrived at 11am and whilst we were awaiting the arrival of the friendly local farmer Henry, who had an integral and important role to play in our day of meadow creation, we had our lunch.  This was also a goodbye picnic for Georgie and Kerry-Ann and Roscoe, as it was their last day volunteering with the DWT.  After pickled eggs which were sampled by Mike, the only one brave enough to try them we split into teams and played rounders.  Young Maurice joined in and got injured! Georgie got out first ball and the only resistance to Team Lucie’s impending victory was Ross and Katherine (The demon batswoman!).

At 1pm Henry arrived and the serious business began!  Using his rotary disk mower the meadow grass was cut into windrows (a row of cut grass).  Once the grass cutting had begun so did the hard work! We split into 3 teams, two collected the grass whilst the third spread the cut grass over the field to reseed the land.  The land to be reseeded had first been scarified to prepare it for the regeneration of the meadow. Various methods were employed when gathering the hay from rolling the cut hay into big bundles by hand to using a hay fork to roll the hay into a bundle.


Kerry-Ann grass collecting

Kerry-Ann grass collecting

The hay was gathered and placed into three trailers, one of which belonged to Henry who kindly stayed after the grass cutting and gave us the use of his tractor and trailer power!  The grass was then transported to the far end of the field where it was spread in an even layer to cover the soil.  Great fun was had whilst transporting the grass as we got to ride in the backs of the grass padded trailers!


Riding the trailer!

Riding the trailer!


Come three o’clock we were all ready for a break.  Much cake and shortbread was eaten by all, the highlight being Kerry-Ann’s homemade Dorset Apple Cake!  After lots of fruit squash and lemonade it was back to work. (Lashings of lemonade? sounds like a exerpt from an Enid Blyton book!)

Come 5pm most of the field had been covered in the cut grass, we were exhausted and ached all over and of course we couldn’t let Ross miss his trip to the cinema so it was time for the V-team to depart…at least for now……..

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  1. Maurice Budden permalink
    August 5, 2008 9:26 am

    A great day – great game of rounders and apple cake – thank you Kerry-Ann! But it’s “Maurice”, NOT “Morris”!!

  2. Kerry-Ann permalink
    August 13, 2008 12:47 pm

    What a great day that was – I’m missing you all already! And I’m touched that my apple cake got a mention too! You’ve done a brilliant job with the blog and I’m glad that I didn’t confuse you about how to edit the photos.
    As promised, I’ll be coming back next week to re-join the V-Team as I just can’t stay away!
    See you all soon.

  3. August 13, 2008 3:22 pm

    Hi Maurice,
    Glad you enjoyed your day with the Team! I have popped in to the post and corrected the spelling for you.
    See you again soon!

  4. August 13, 2008 3:24 pm

    Hi Kerry-Ann,

    The legendary Apple Cake! Never to be forgotten I’m sure…
    Will be great to have you back again – the blog hasn’t been quite the same without you here!

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