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‘Fish’ The Frog!

September 26, 2008

Following our walk this morning, Steve had another fun task lined up for the V-Team – not the walk that we were expecting, but something that involved lots of green slime and mud!

Pictures on the way – we promise!


The V-Team had been expecting to be going out to walk the remaining section of the ‘Walk For Wildlife’ route to collect up the markers once we had had some lunch. However, an hour passed and Steve seemed to have disappeared which left us slightly worried! On investigation, it turned out that there was a change of plan and we would be clearing out the wildlife pond at the Beacon Hill Centre instead – which explains all the mud and slime!

We had to remove all the pondweed, algae and general slime that had gathered on the pond, using some very technical equipment – sticks! However, after getting covered in messy sludge we decided it might be a better idea to use nets, as the sticks didn’t work too well. Amongst all the pondweed, we discovered some very large damselfly and dragonfly larvae, as well as some freshwater shrimps, waterboatmen and snails. Tristen seemed to be catching all the biggest larvae and then James found a frog. From then on, we were all determined to catch the poor frog in our nets. The frog had other ideas and seemed intent on swimming away. Several times we thought we had got it and then eventually Kerry-Ann managed to get it in her net, with some help from Tristen.

James turned out to be something of an expert at training frogs! He managed to pick the frog up out of the net (although it was extremely lively and kept jumping away). Once caught, James was able to get the frog to sit quite still in his hand and even roll over for its tummy to be tickled! James had great ambitions for ‘Fish’, as it was now called (don’t ask!) and began teaching him the basics of ‘fetch’. We were a little worried, seeing as the stick was about three foot long and at least an inch thick! In the end, he managed to get Fish to do a kind of synchronised swimming style trick, which involved a dive from quite a great height for such a little frog.

Fish didn’t seem to want to go back in the pond and he seemed to come to James when called by name! Perhaps he should be another mascot for the V-Team, along with Tom-Tom the donkey (Lucie’s sat-nav!).

After all that excitement, we did eventually get the pond cleared out, under the watchful eye of Fish, who seems to quite like us now. We should point out that no frogs were harmed during the clearing of this pond!

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