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Wet Wardens day in West Dorset

October 7, 2008

A wet day in October gave the perfect opportunity to have a ‘warden’s day’ in West Dorset.

A wet and windy west dorset (peascombe reserve)

A wet and windy west dorset (peascombe reserve)

 read more to see how we got on in West Dorset despite the weather….


Lucie had to travel across the county to Beaminster to have a meeting with Karen Jones in a graveyard. Some what apprehensive given the dark and gloomy weather and the location to which we are heading, we set off.

It turned out that the graveyard in question had become somewhat overgrown and was in desperate need of some maintenance. The local council had decided to ask for the trust to help volunteer to clear back the unwanted plants around the graves. With Halloween coming up the concept of organising a volunteer grave yard clearance around the same time was too good to miss. We had a good look around the graveyard and decided on the best place to do the work and pitch the mess tent. Parts of the site had become so overgrown that many of the graves were disappearing so the main aim of the future event would be to clear the overgrown plants and ‘unearth’ the graves. Lucie and Karen spent some time discussing the form the day would take with Nina and I giving input as best we could. 

The event called R.I.P. day, or Restore Improve Preserve, will be held on October 25th.

After dropping Karen off we had a short bimble around Beaminster to get some Lunch and have a general look around. After this we drove over to the Peascombe reserve to have a look at a hedge. Given the quality of the weather, and in true warden style, we sat in the Ranger and had lunch. After a while it seemed that doing something useful might be a good idea, and fortunately the weather had died down a bit. We went for a walk around the Peascombe reserve.

Lucie was looking for a hedge that apparently needed some work done to it. As we walked around the site and along the old railway line, Lucie tested Nina’s and my ability to identify tree species, which turned out not to be that great. Something that I certainly will try and improve. To aid in this Lucie cut twigs from all the trees for us to take back to Beacon Hill and have another go at. We were gifted a very brief sight of a Sika deer before we headed back to Beacon Hill.
Anthony & Nina at  a very wet Peascombe

Anthony & Nina at a very wet Peascombe

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