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Boardwalk construction at Kingcombe

October 10, 2008
As the unseasonably good weather for October continued it seemed wrong not to be doing something productive outdoors. It is therefore fortunate that a full day of boardwalk construction was set over at Kingcombe meadows. 
The original boardwalk before we started work

The original boardwalk before we started work

read on to see if we finished our mammoth task….

The work party for today’s activities was to be made up of members of the usual suspects from the V-team and a group from the Dorset council. The V team of Lucie, Nina, Kerry-Ann, James Liam and Anthony (the newest member of the team) would be constructing the board walk whilst the other group would be clearing back the hedgerows around the Kingcombe meadows site.

The V-team met at Poole railway station at 9 O’clock and drove across Dorset to meet the other half of the group at the Kingcombe site. On the way we tried to come up with a plan of action for the day. We found out from Lucie that the current boardwalk was no longer long enough to allow visitors to cross the boggy part of the field without getting their feet wet. It would be our job to extend the board walk using four, half length, telegraph poles and a large amount of wooden planks. Naturally our planning discussions on the ride over dwelled heavily on the prospect of moving several very heavy telegraph poles.

The very hard working group from the council

The very hard working group from the council

We soon arrived at the site and whilst Lucie instructed the group from the council on what they would be doing the rest of us went across the field to have a look at the boardwalk. This was clearly going to be one hell of job… The water and mud around the current boardwalk were both very deep and the prospect of moving those telegraph poles across the water was a bit worrying.

None the less, spurred on by the good weather, we set about our task. First to make room for the poles and to make them level with the current boardwalk some digging was required. Whilst James, Nina and Liam set about digging, Kerry-Ann and Anthony attempted to rig up the poles and make them easier to move using an old Climbing rope. It was decided that we would start at the less wet, or nearest to the telegraph poles, end on the boardwalk. With the holes dug we decided to move the poles into position before lunch. We moved the first two poles into position but it turned out that the holes we had dug were neither deep enough nor long enough for the poles, so some tinkering was needed to get them to fit properly. With the first set of poles firmly in place we took our lunch in the sunshine.

Moving telegraph poles into position

Moving telegraph poles into position

Soon enough we returned to our task. The second set of poles, set to be paced at the far end of the walk proved to be more troublesome that the first. As this set of poles were to be placed in the water getting the mud beneath the surface flat and level with the rest of the board walk proved a tough job. We did however persevere and soon enough, once we were all thoroughly covered in mud the telegraph poles were flat, straight and level and we were all thoroughly pleased with the job we had done.

The rest of our day was devoted to nailing the boards of the board walk into place. Kerry-Ann had done an excellent job of cutting the planks of wood to the correct lengths making the hammering job nice and simple if not a little tiring.  About an hour and a half later and with sore arms all round we were finished. We unfortunately had to rush off pretty fast which gave us only a short while to admire our handy work.

Anthony and Kerry-Anne finishing off boardwalk

Anthony and Kerry-Anne finishing off boardwalk

Avery tired but pleased V-team climbed back on the mini-bus for the journey back. The group from the council had done an excellent job at clearing up the hedge row around the site and I expect they were as pleased with their efforts handy work as we were.  As Kerry-Ann put it on the ride back home; when we got there it seemed like a pretty difficult job and we thought how are we going to manage this, but in the end after plenty of hard work it was very satisfying to know that we had done such a good job of building that boardwalk.

The V-team on their finished boardwalk

The V-team on their finished boardwalk

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