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A Brownsea clean up…

October 22, 2008

The BBC cameramen were on Brownsea today, setting up their hides on the lagoon ready for Auumnwatch.  It was an opportunity not to be missed – we would go out and clear the litter from the sea wall.  Surely it would only take an hour or so?………

Here I am - in full briefing mode!

Here I am - in full briefing mode!

The problem with trying to clean the lagoon sea wall is that during the summer we can’t disturb the nesting birds, and in the winter we can’t disturb the thousands of waders.  Right now though, the waders had already been disturbed by the hides going in, so we had a small window of opportunity to get our team of 20 volunteers out to give the area a quick spruce up.

Off we go in search of litter

Off we go in search of litter

Each of us grabbed gloves, plastic bags and litter pickers before setting off along the sea wall – eyes peeled for litter.  At first, we were racing each other to get to crisp packets and the oidd plastic bottle – but very soon we were to realsie the enormity of our task…..

As the shingle was replaced by rocks, so the litter increased and before long we had already filled the first of our bags – having only gone about 25 yards!  The main items seemed to be plastic bottles – there were hundreds of them , of all shapes and sizes.  We also found quite a lot of tennis balls – possibly from dog owners throwing them for their pets, and Fido not being quick enough to get to it before the tide took the ball away to the sea wall at Brownsea!

Just a fraction of the litter we cleared

There was litter aplenty!

 In all, we spent well over 2 hours  – collecting 2 dumper truck loads of litter!  As we left the Island later, it was good to know that we had done our bit to help clean up the sea wall, and we were also pleased to see that the waders obviously approved of our work as they were already back on the lagoon..

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  1. Chris S permalink
    October 27, 2008 11:12 pm

    Hard work but satisfying. Well done Steve and volunteers – and it’s given Brownsea a bit of a polish ready for its TV spectacular.

  2. October 27, 2008 11:18 pm

    Thanks Chris,

    I was a bit worried that we would get the blame for the Avocets nto being on the lagoon – luckily Bill blamed it on a workman with a drill.. phew!!

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