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A very deserved award..

October 30, 2008

Earlier this yera, the President of the Dorset Wildlife Trust, asked if she could fund the provision of an annaul award for our volunteers.  The result was ‘ The Helen Brotherton Award for Volunteering’.   This is awarded annually from this year, in recognition of the huge efforts of our volunteers.

John shows off his medal, with Aaron and Chris

John shows off his medal, with Aaron and Chris

Volunteers and Staff were invited to nominate individuals that thye felt best deserved this recognition for their work over the previous year.  A panel of four of us then had the task of sorting through the forms and eventually deciding who should receive the award for this year.

It proved to be a task too far!  In the end it was decided that this year there would be 2 award winners!  Giles Harbottle and John Avey were the 2 selected – with the Awards to be made at the AGM in early September.   Unfortunately Johns medal didn’t arrive in time so we agreed to organise a suitable presentation at a later date.

John started volunteering after some badgering by Aaron, his grandson, who was also volunteering with us at the time.  He has not looked back since  – and has become a huge assett to our work, particularly in the East Dorset and Purbeck areas. 

Today, at last, it all cvame together. The medal had arrived, and I had managed to get Johns family in on it – so at 9.30 they all arrived and hid in the Education room.  I had asked John if he could pop up and deliver a package for us at 10am (he readily agreed, as always!).   Sure enough at 10am on the dot, John and his wife walked in the door.  I took him into the Ed room to the package on the floor – and his family cheered him in!

We presented him with his medal at last, and Amanda had even cooked a fantastic cake, complete with jam and cream!

Well done John – a very well deserved award indeed!

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  1. October 31, 2008 10:45 am

    From one volunteer to another… well done John and well deserved! and well done Aaron for getting his “very young looking” granddad involved!

  2. November 2, 2008 3:37 pm

    Thanks for the comment Jane. Will pass it on to John

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