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Now that’s what I call a meeting!

November 13, 2008

Picture the scene – It’s 1.55pm and Amanda and I (Steve) have to be at Bournemouth Uni Reception for 2pm.  No problem, as we are in the car park already and just need to find a space……

BU Logo

No need to worry – we had spotted a car with people in it.  All we had to do, was get them to move…  A couple of minutes of the combined efforts of our highly practiced ‘Paddington stares’ and they were off!  We then ‘found’ our hosts on the booking sheets for free parking before heading into the Reception on the lookout for our team…  Read on to find out why we were there…. As avid blogreaders will know from previous posts, we have a good working relationship with the Uni.  This has now expanded even further as we reach new departments.  The Event Management team were on the lookout for challenging events for their students to organise and so approached me earlier this year to see if we could think of a suitable event.  Could we?  You bet we could!  Nestbox week beckons every year and starts on 14th February in 2009.  How about we get the students to organise an event based around that?  We got the nod a few weeks ago, and then Melissa emailed me to arrange a first meeting of the team with us.

So, we knew who we were meeting and where – but had no idea at all of what they looked like, and there are a lot of students at the Uni!  No worries, as soon as we walked in, we saw an obvious team waiting for us with smiles and lots of enthusiasm.  It got even better, as we were offered coffee immediately (always a good sign!), and it was proper coffee as well – so Amanda did get her wish for a power coffee after all!

On to the meeting after walking for what seemed ages through the site, and into a room we had for the hour.  If only everyone was as good as these girls at meetings!  They had thought through some ideas, had plenty of questions and are obviously a good bunch – we have high hopes for this event!  (No pressure of course  girls!)   

Me and the Team - Amanda hid behind the camera!

Me and the Team - Amanda hid behind the camera!

In what seemed no time at all, the hour was up and the next group was banging on the door to get in, but we had managed to fit in all that was needed for now.  I won’t go into detail just yet, as the event is firmly in the hands of the girls and we don’t want to influence their decision making processes (yet!).  Suffice to say – Amanda and I left the Uni in good spirits, confident that next years Nestbox event would be a rather interesting time…..

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  1. November 15, 2008 7:44 pm

    Typical. Steve and loads of women!! Sounds like a good morning. Looking forward to seeing what the group come up with. Jane

  2. November 26, 2008 5:45 pm

    Yes, a great bunch. We have high hopes!

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