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The Adventures of Team Alpha!

June 12, 2009
New Volunteers have arrived!!!!!!!!!
A group of new volunteers arrived at Dorset Wildlife Trust for the start of their six week placement. They come from the Bournemouth University, studying a exciting course of Ecology and Wildlife Conservation, read more for the adventures of Team Alpha.
Team Alpha Mugshots…




Gavin- Gonzo, Gavitron, Greg, and Gizmo

Gavin- Gonzo, Gavitron, Greg, and Gizmo



Georgie - Mysterious Woman

Georgie - Mysterious Woman

Day 1
Steve “The Big Cheese” Davis sent us on an exploratory mission to gain knowledge and power from the surrounding heathland. On this mission we discovered that further help was needed and so we raised a army of nuns, bat-boxes, and penguins to fight our war on environmental crime.
The Mighty Penguin Army

The Mighty Penguin Army

Team Alpha was divided by Steve “The Big Cheese” Davis to assist Nigel in the war against erosion. During the battle Team Alpha took a major hit when Nigel was clearing the pathway. As he lifted a twig from the battlefield he strained too much and ripped his trousers! Thus a new hero was born…Nigel “Splitpants”.
Nigel "Splitpants"

Nigel "Splitpants"

Day 2
Sarah joined the ranks of Team Alpha who were tasked by the Dynamic Duo of Sam and Nelly. This was to join forces with the Merry Band of Bankers and help create the Steps of Justice and the Bird Hide of Mystery. However, our mission would not be complete because of that cruel mistress, Time. During this time the Committee was formed to discuss every step of the plan. Team Alpha used the Alpha Mobile to return back to DWT Headquarters for more discussion on the days activities.
Team Alpha- Discussing what to do

Team Alpha- Discussing what to do

Day 3
Team Alpha return to Higher Hyde to complete their mission with one half of the Dynamic Duo Nelly. Mid mission disaster! Timber shortage. Nelly accompanied us on a side mission to collect more timber to complete the Steps of Justice. After powering up with vast quantities of caffeine Team Alpha returned to the mission site and worked furiously to complete the steps by holding a committee meeting.
Alpha Team sitting on the completed Steps of Justice

Alpha Team sitting on the completed Steps of Justice

Day 4

Team Alpha were sent out on a Survey Mission of the nearby heathland by Steve “The Big Cheese” Davis. During the mission, we encountered many local allies, such as the slow worm and Grass snake. Much of the day was spent re-cooperating, drinking copious amounts of tea and eating cooperative sandwiches.

The over enthusicastic Team Alpha being sent out on another Mission

The over enthusiastic Team Alpha being sent out on another Mission

Day 5

The final mission of the week and tragically Adam “Maxeyman” last day before moving back to his civilian life. Team Alpha were sent to Kingcombe to build benches. The team were split, causing the Committee to be divided. This caused lots of problems for one of the groups resulting in many attempts to build one bench, while the other steamrolled over and built three. After, for their help the Team were given food of tea and cake. Where Matt “Hammer” collected many of the flapjacks for later sustenance.

5th attempt at building the bench

5th attempt at building the bench

Join in next week for the continued adventures of Team Alpha -1…………

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  1. Maxeyman permalink
    June 12, 2009 7:03 pm

    Awesome blog guys!!!! I hope the next one will be just as good! Im expecting great things!

  2. June 12, 2009 10:56 pm

    Excellent post. Haven’t laughed so much for ages. Team Alpha “beta” be careful next week… one less team member might send you into freefall and make you completely unable to work. You might only be capable of eating cake and drinking tea… it’s scary I know but it could happen. Be careful guys! Jane

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