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The continued adventures of Team Alpha

June 17, 2009

With the Team being shortened with Adam returning to civilian life, can Team Alpha handle being a member down?



The Team were sent to contemplate the design of the UBER birdhide at Blashford Lakes by stealthily having a gander the current hides in operation and assessing their individual merits. They were alright I guess.  The local wildlife was investigated by the Team, where Miri ‘Miritron’ spotted a crocodile. Or a water vole.  Or a fish, but it was still pretty exciting. Briefly.

On return to HQ the team ate. Then, after eating, had a cuppa and discussed the next task. Watching Nigel “splitpants” chainsaw fallen tree. We arrived on location of the offending timber and realised it probably wouldn’t take the majority of team alpha to ensure Splitpants didn’t severe a limb and thus the team was divided. Gavin “gonzo” bravely stood nearby while Nigel chainsawed the wood while the rest of the team (Matt “hammer”, Georgie “Lady Mystery” and Miri “miritron”) were entrusted with the challenging and vital task of picking up litter from around a lake. On their travels, a host of peculiar sights were thrust upon their innocent eyes. The first challenge on their perturbing adventure was the visitation of a giant of a man with a peculiar device later found out to be used in the capture of underwater creatures. Pleasantries were exchanged and the team moved on. Several leagues along the travelled path a item of unsightly human waste material was sighted and given a wide berth. the third and final challenge met by the team was an army of frogs which were swiftly defeated by careful avoidance. You must marvel at the bravery of these men and woman as they fearlessly avoid danger.


Steve “the Big Cheese” Davis entered the Teams resting area in the Alpha HQ and challenged the team to build defenses in the entrance of woodland to prevent the advance of hoodlums, in the form of a mighty gate. Before construction began the team were introduced to three double agents who would later turn on the team but, at this time seemed perfectly docile and agreeable. Dolly, Teddy and Tom Tom, were their names and Team alpha thought they had come upon powerful allies.

Double Agent Tom Tom meets Team Alpha

Double Agent Tom Tom meets Team Alpha

How mistaken could they have been? Complacency brought to the team by the belief of encountering new allies caused them to divide, one team (Miri Georgie and Gavin) to build the defenses, and the other (Sarah and Matt) given protective duty of their believed allies from the falllout of the war where the tractor of doom combated the bracken of Sal’oth Sar. The teams got to work, the gate builders proceeded with little trouble whereas the devious plot of the double agents brought grief to the eyes of the protection team. Teddy initiated the deception with a burst of speed and the “treacherous Trio” bolted causing Sarah to be wounded with a trampled foot and a bite wound. The two Alpha heroes had had enough, they gave chase and blocked the escape route of the offending trio causing them to be swiftly caught, never to escape again…..  well once more, but that was the end of it, promise.

Turning of the Treacherous Trio

Turning of the Treacherous Trio

The gate and protective detail was completed and the team was reunited only to find weaknesses in the rest of the woodlands defenses and so the mighty gate had to be reinforced with an equally mighty fence. The team got to work and began to dig, but were defied many times over by the extensive root system of the nearby Tree of Endless Torment. but with power of Sarahs double-shovel, Georgies spade and the support of the rest of the team, who actively watched, the roots were destroyed.

The building of the Gate, and the batlle against the roots of the Tree of Endless Torment

The building of the Gate, and the battle against the roots of the Tree of Endless Torment

The posts were driven in, with only minor injuries, and the other bits attached the gate was complete, and the Team gazed with awe at the overpowering beauty of what they had achieved.


“Splitpants” burst in to the teams HQ and pleaded for the support of the team on his following mission. To separate and capture “The Herd of Cows of Inescapable Running Around and Whatnot”. The Team rallied its members and went forth. Upon arrival, the team built yet another gate but of a more temporary nature and with none of the intrinsic beauty of the Teams previous achievement. But there was a problem, the fencing could not enclose the necessary area and so Sarah took on the challenge of becoming a fence. 

Sarah transforming into a fence for the task

Sarah transforming into a fence for the task

Meanwhile, the rest of the team (and Nelly) ventured into the paddock which was to hold  “The Herd of Cows of Inescapable Running Around and Whatnot” and waited. The beasts charged in. Team alpha sprang up in unison and slowly meandered toward The Herd. They co-operated full and went into the fenced area without a fuss. Sarah held strong and soon the correct cows had been loaded onto a truck and were taken away. Given that running around was indeed escaped and the mission was completed with relative ease “The Herd of Cows of Inescapable Running Around and Whatnot” were renamed, and became….. “The Herd of Cows”.

The Herd of Cows

The Herd of Cows

 After, wood was carried to build a small bridge against a puddle of mud, this concludes the mission of the day.

Team Alpha carrying wood

Team Alpha carrying wood

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  1. Laura Borman permalink
    June 18, 2009 10:43 am

    I miss all the action… I want to be there!!!!

  2. June 18, 2009 4:50 pm

    Excellent work Team Alpha, keep it up! I wish I had a Alpha team to help me, as the “Spotted Flycatcher of Beauty” needs it’s nest protected from the evil “Jay of Deception”. Eggs about to hatch and “Jay of Deception” oggling it hungrily! Jane

  3. Big Cheese permalink
    June 18, 2009 10:24 pm

    Good work team! Keep it up..

    Laura – you are welcome to return to the team any time, but maybe finishing the Dissertation first might be a good idea!

    Jane – Not sure you could afford our rates! lol

  4. maxeyman permalink
    June 21, 2009 10:15 am

    fab blog gang!!! wish i was there helping out!!! hope your not missing me too much 😉 lol civilian life isn’t all its cracked up to be and hopefully i will be there shortly to help you guys out!!! go team alpha !!!

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