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The week and half ish or something adventures of Team Alpha

June 29, 2009
Team Alpha being from the street....... Yo Yo

Team Alpha being from the street....... Yo Yo

Good day to you all, welcome to another week of Team Alpha, although technically its a week and half, due to the many missions we were on. Read on for the full report of the last few days of the exciting and thrilling adventures of Team Alpha…………………… Game On!!


Team Alpha were split up with Mattamorphism (aka “The Hammer” aka Matt) and G-Force working in unison while Miritron and Gandalf were sent to build benches.

The Miritron and Gandalf the Gav were whisked away by Nelly to the fabulous Verwood opportunity centre, a centre for adults with physical and learning difficulties providing activity days. Nelly and Gandalf had the very important job of making coffee’s to fuel us for the task of building benches. after some very hard work, where holes were dug incorrectly by the Miritron who was having a very blonde day, the benches were completed to provide a view point to the sensory garden which was designed for wheelchair users.

Meanwhile, down further into the depths of deepest Dorset, Mattamorphism and G-Force met up with Anna Muckley who showed them how to analyse caravan parks and the environmental impacts they have and how they are managing it.

Miritron and Gandalf, hard at work?

Miritron and Gandalf, hard at work?


Team Alpha were sent on a new mission with Nigel “Splitpants” who had gone to Tesco to buy some new shorts, so was no longer split pants and was just Nigel. The mission was to count the number of dragonflies, moths, and butterflies living on the heath, which cannot be named as it is a secret location. The survey was going well until Miritron noticed that she was still noting down the first site and we were all ready half way through the survey. Thus ending the second week of the adventures of Team Alpha.


We awoke on Monday to find Mattamorphism missing. A search party was sent out, although they got bored after ten minutes and came back for tea. On route to the next mission the team, minus mattamorphism, dressed up at Scats to find a new disguise ready for a secret mission at the local farmers market. So they decided to wear a farmers hat, horse jacket, accessorised with a plastic pigeon and heron (minus the legs). 

G-Force having  fun in the wheelbarrow before falling out of it

G-Force having fun in the wheelbarrow before falling out of it


Sam “True Bluebells” and his sidekick “Ruby, Ruby, Ruby oh oh oh oh” travelled with the team to Lorton Meadows to cut down Dock leaves to save the horses from poisonous dock leaves! After they had a celebratory ice-cream and milkshake. After the were full and happy.

Ruby Ruby Ruby oh oh oh oh having fun at the pond

Ruby Ruby Ruby oh oh oh oh having fun at the pond

Thus ends the day of Mon.


Mattamophism returned after a day of traveling from his mysterious journey, due to accidentally transforming into a tortoise. Mattamorphism and Gandalf were tasked for the rest of the day to survey the local habitat and also check the populations of butterflies in the heath. The team acquired bikes for quicker transportation due to not having access to the Alpha mobile.

Mattomorphism mid-morph into a bat

Mattamorphism mid-morph into a bat


Team Alpha were tasked to carry out vegetation surveys on the Heath for the duration of the day. Gandalf the Grumpy left on a important mission to require the one ring from Lanzorote.


Team Alpha were sent to Lorton Meadows to build a pond dipping platform. The first task was to clear the area of stinging nettles and brambles as well as level the soil ready for the creation of ‘holes’. The team set to work quickly but before long Miritron sustained another injury which was the 2oth of the week (including the a cut from a folk for her salad).

Just moments before sustaining another injury

Just moments before sustaining another injury

After hours and hours of relentless digging the team had only accomplished a couple of inches for the two holes out of the eight that needed to be dug. It was decided that it would be a lot easier to dig the holes using a digometer (a magic digging machine).  The day ending with tea and biscuits….yum.


We returned to the destination Lorton Meadows to carry on with the dipping platform. The dynamic duo used the digometer to create more holes. Tragically this was not as easy as first thought. Many times the digometer swung the dynamic duo into the direction of the wall and the pond, as well as running out of the important energy fuel of the Digometer, we call “petrol”. While Handy Andy went to collect more fuel, Team Alpha were sent to warn the public of the dangers of the bees of doom… muhahahah, which had already injured a member of the public, causing great discomfort.

The Bees of Doom ... scarey

The Bees of Doom ... scarey

After placing the sign, Team Alpha noticed a World War 2 bunker, which the Team bravely explored, although suddenly a gust of wind blow into the bunker causing the Team to ‘Bravely’ run away.

The Team "bravely" exploring the Bunker

The Team "bravely" exploring the Bunker

 The Team returned to build the platform.

Noel being easily confused by the Digometer

Nelly being easily confused by the Digometer

After the creation of holes, posts were placed inside the holes to give the platform a stable foundation. For the task Miritron transformed into a clamp, holding the post whilst the concrete set.

Thus ending the third week.

Keep a look out on your TVs as our popularity has risen and we may be on TV in the next week.

Over and out…Team Alpha

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  1. Maxeyman! permalink
    July 14, 2009 4:47 pm

    Fab blog guys! Im luvin Matt’s new name!

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