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Dylan goes on a route march, Rachael and Steve go on a walk

July 9, 2009

Today, we (Dylan, Rachael and Steve) travelled up to the Purbecks, home of the farmer, breathtaking coastlines and annoying birds (according to Dylan). We went to trial and test a 5.8 mile trekking route, to later be use in a walking event in September.

Dylan and Rachael with Corfe Castle in the background

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Whilst Steve and Rachael moved at a painfully slow pace, Dylan set the bar high, speeding off at a lightning quick pace.

Dylan speeding off

Dylan speeding off

But peaceful and tranquil as it may seem the Purbecks trek was not without it’s dangers, including freshly manured fields and the pounding sound of the Bovington Brigades tank shell ranges.

freshly manured shoe!

freshly manured shoe!

After an hour, which seemed like forever, Steve came to a holt, stopping Dylan as he had spotted a wren clinging onto some grass for dear life. Both Steve and Dylan both leaned in to get a picture of the wren, both secretly in competition , both nearly successful in falling into brambles.

the famed wren in all its glory

the famed wren in all its glory

After sweating buckets and tripping on the steep cliffs of chalk, we made it (Dylan got there first- also courtesy of Dylan). We cooled down with some of the locally produced ice cream, whilst seeing some of the local residents at the animal rescue centre. Dylan acquired a new friend, the resident cockerel, who followed him right to the end, on his heels. Dylan could have taken him home, however Dylan turned down the offer down.






Topping off the day with Dylan fast asleep, we set back listening to the ashes cricket series (boring!).

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  1. Chris permalink
    July 9, 2009 8:54 pm

    Aww you should have kept the cockerel, it would have been an asset at Beacon Hill and also ensured that Steve doesn’t fall asleep behind his computer.

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