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Danger Mouse or Dormouse??

July 17, 2009

Today me myself and I, (Rachael, Dylan, Noel, Andy, Luke, Stuart and Catherine) ventured out into the wilderness besieged by enormous blood sucking ticks and agitated yellow necked mouse. Their quest was too find the elusive dormouse.

Dylan inspecting a dormouse box

Dylan inspecting a dormouse box


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After beginning our little outing, we were confronted by a local brace wearing farmer, warned us about the danger of Lyme disease caused by none other than the blood sucking tick. We heeded his advice, adding a more cautious mood to our already startled party. Havoc struck Noel as he started to shake uncontrollably as a battalion of ants swarmed his foot.

The first two nest boxes were seen and with professional help the boxes were urged out of the housing to reveal… nothing it was unsuccessful, however nothing could stop the group as we carried on, using our eagle eye vision to spot any red labels to signify there was a nest near. 


 As we approached the bottom hedged nothing but earwigs and snail poo had been found as we had searched every box that we had found. We made our way down the hedge with promises of a sighting however with the group losing confidence in Noel and leaving Andy behind to photograph his precious meadow, we trooped on determined to find a dormouse.

As most of the boxes were behind barbed wire we had good practise of doing the limbo with a sharp twist. As we started to head back towards the gate all thoughts of a sighting was lost as we had nothing to even say that a dormouse had been nesting in any of the boxes, (it didn’t help that Noel had forgotten were about 20 oif the boxes were however he was leaving that to leaving these so not to be disturbed).

Leaning over the barbed wire

Leaning over the barbed wire

We returned to the ranger with no luck of a sighting, as this must be down to the brilliant habitat that Andy has provided for these beautiful creatures. Overall we found 32 of the 43 boxes so who knoes these boxes could be abundant with dormouse so maybe it was best we didn’t disturb them.

There was one more task that we had to complete and that was to cut down some over grow nplants in a newly bought field. Dylan was in his prime as he cut at the plant releasing all of his anger from him playing the xbox. We ladies cut at the plant more gently however still getting the plant to bow down in mercy.

The day had come to an end as we cut down the last stork of this plant gazing back on the work that we had completed; with a satisfied grin on out faces as we walked slowly back to the comfort of the ranger.

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  1. July 19, 2009 10:39 am

    No dormice eh. Well I’m still keeping my fingers crossed that they are there… and that one day we will see them on this site. Great news about the new field next door – can’t wait to have a walk around it now that it is DWT’s.

  2. Steve D permalink
    July 19, 2009 11:33 am

    Hi Jane,

    No dormice yet – but great habitat for them so they won’t be far away!

    A bit of work to do on the new field from what I’m told – but an exciting addition to the Reserve all the same.

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