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Week 1 – Paint, Paint and More Paint

August 7, 2009

The week started with scrub clearance at Townsend Reserve in Swanage, where there were stunning views of the sea, followed by more vegetation clearance of the rhody kind on Brownsea Island the following day. The end of the week brought with it the start of a painting marathon!

Should have got the decorators in!
Should have got the decorators in!

 Towards the end of the week we drove through increasingly heavier rains and storms all the way to Tadnoll with the aim to clear up the scrub from the main entrance. But on arrival we decided that we didn’t want to get out of the minibus after all, as it was far too wet and we couldn’t even see out of the windows. So instead we came home to do some interior decorating in the very dull common room.

After a trip to B&Q we returned with a lovely shade of blue paint, some funky new cushions and some awesome new lights and we (Marie, Becky, Crissy, Ellise, Matt, Adam, Claire, Sam) started a painting extravaganza! Aided by some very interesting/slightly crazy music!

Artist at work

Artist at work

Painting of walls, radiators (and accidentally the floor)  continued the following day but was halted by a cow related emergency. So Becky, Crissy and Claire went with Andy and Nigel to go and help with the crisis….. Ok it wasn’t so much of an emergency, more of a helping hand to move the cows from one reserve to another (although one did try and escape!).

Ta Da!!

Ta Da!!

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