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Week 2 – Bridge Time

August 14, 2009

To Bracketts Coppice we went. Our mission – to build a bridge. It took 3 days but we succeeded in our mission and became Men (and Women) of Honor!

Men and Women of Honor!

People of Honor!

We travelled down windy roads to the farthest corner of Dorset to Bracketts Coppice where we had to negotiate muddy slopes to reach the river and the old (very poorly made) bridge built by the army. Sam, Andy and Nigel destroyed this with chainsaws whilst the rest of us (Becky, Crissy, Tim and Marie) avoided or in some cases failed to avoid the wasps as we chopped up the old wooden handrails and had a bonfire.

Bye bye bridge!

Bye bye bridge!

The next day we (Sam, Tim, Becky, Josh and Crissy) drove about the countryside to pick up a trailer and two huge, really heavy 7m long telegraph poles and back to Bracketts Coppice we went. Like the Men (and Women) of Honor that we are, we dragged the poles down the even muddier slope to the previous day due to the rain, to the river and some how managed to winch them across. Of course still carefully avoiding the wasps at all times, although Josh practically sat on the nest!

Epic progress made at the end of day 2

Epic progress made at the end of day 2

Disaster struck as we were leaving – the ranger got stuck in the mud, after unhooking the trailer and pushing for what felt like hours ( we were convinced we’d be staying the night) we finally got it out, leaving a huge trench as evidence of our dilemma.   

On the final day it was time to put the slates and handrails on. The forest was alive with the sound of chainsaws, saws, drilling and hammering until we finally finished and succeeded in our mission in creating the greatest bridge ever known!!

The bridge in all its splendor

The bridge in all its splendor

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