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Week 3 – Attempt 2, Paint and Pizza

August 21, 2009
A varied week of heavy lifting, vegetaton clearance, more painting and pizza.
Very Artistic!

Very Artistic!

The week started with Josh, Becky, Claire, Crissy and Sam heading to the Lorton Meadows reserve near Weymouth. Piles and piles of hay needed clearing from the picnic area and a huge bonfire was created. This was followed by a start at clearing the stones from a collapsed down wall. It felt like we’d moved tons but we barely made a dent in the amount to be moved. A thoroughly tiring day all round.

On the Wednesday we (Crissy, Becky, Ed and Sam) made a second attempt at going to Tadnoll to clear the brambles, nettles and hay bales from the reserves entrance as it is going to be used as a car park and a picnic reserve. Of course it wouldn’t be complete without a bonfire. Whilst breaking apart some very old and rotting hay bales we found 3 slow worms that were saved from a horrible fate on the fire. Becky was attacked by evil stinging nettles and very nearly didn’t make it!!



Next day was much of the same but with a change of people – Josh, Ed, Franky, Becky and Sam were the team for the day and by the end the area was unrecognisable from the previous day.



Friday was a day of more painting; this time of a huge map that was projected on to the common room wall. A trip to the Range in the morning provided us with litres and litres of paint of every colour possible and whilst listening to our ‘favourite’ music we (Marie, Becky, Crissy, Ed, Michelle, Josh and Sam) painted on a huge map of Dorset, the reserves, rivers and wildlife. Highlights of the day were the amazing Dominoes lunch, Josh’s amazing enthusiasm 😛 and the paint war between Ed and Becky.

Expert painters

Expert painters

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