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Week 4 – Cutting, Painting and BBQ finish!

August 24, 2009

An action packed week that consisted of lots of scrub clearance at the beginning of the week, two men in yellow coats and the finale of painting the common room celebrating with a glorious BBQ.

A great way to end the week!

A great way to end the week!

On Monday we (Becky, Franky, Josh, Ed and Sam)  headed to Higher Hyde to cut back the overgrown Gorse from the track, the MOD helicopters kept flying over head – we were sure they were after us!

Franky had an incident of a disapearing glove, she looked everywhere for and eventually found in a greedy Gorse bush!

We went searching for Roe Deer on the heath but were unfortunately out of luck on this occasion.

Tuesday was a day for Sam to be chained to his desk so Josh and Ed  met up again Wednesday and headed to Lorton Meadows reserve to put down the matting for wheelchair access – Sam forced them to wear these beautiful yellow coats that they were really pleased about.

Follow the yellow coat road...

Follow the yellow coat road...


Thursday we (Franky, Josh, Ed and Matt) were at Corfe Mullen Meadows to clear the hedge line.  On Matt’s first day a birds nest fell out of the hedge as he was clearing much to his surprise with 4 baby chicks in! After the initial shock we put the nest back in the bushes and started clearing another part of the hedge to leave them in peace. We were really surprised to find an occupied nest at this time of the year!

Watch out for any birds nests...

Watch out for any birds nests...

Friday was a well deserved day of rest at the UWC.  Becky, Franky and Coco finished the Volunteer common room painting of the map of Dorset and its reserves whilst Ed, Josh and Matt filled in potholes and done general maintenance round the UWC.

The final product - a job well done...

The final product - a job well done...


Friday afternoon we chilled right out and played on the very old skool megadrive (which Sam, who pretended he hadn’t played for years seemed to remember all the cheats for…) after some lovely munch from the BBQ – a nice way to end a busy week.

Hard at work

Hard at work

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  1. September 16, 2009 12:29 pm

    Great to see what you have been up to. I love the painting in the common room – stunning!

  2. Pee permalink
    September 16, 2009 8:37 pm

    Pond dipping platform at Lorton Meadows looks mint. Congrats to those who built it, superb! 😀

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