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Week 6 – Getting stuck into hardcore practical work

September 7, 2009

A week of getting our hands dirty with lots of practical tasks around the various reserves and UWC, using tools, moving stones and having fires!

We were off to Lorton Meadows to move stones from a collapsed wall to make way for a new classroom. Hardwork paid off as we did this all by hand just incase we came across any slow worms amongst the rocks, they all seemed to have left before we got there as there was no sign of any. We did however find lots of woodlice and a huge spider (Tegenaria) whilst working.

We transported the rocks using wheelbarrows to another part of the reserve so reptiles could inhabit them. Ed and Matt made a fire with some old decking – a very warming treat!

Manual labour

Manual labour

Again Tuesday required Sam to be chained to his desk so on Wednesday Franky, Matt and Josh met up to head to Tadnoll Water Meadows. We needed to take barbed wire off the fencing post as this was trapping the nutrients in.

We came across some huge wild  mushrooms. Matt made a joke about which was made funnier by Josh’s reaction;

Matt: “Why don’t fungi make good houses? Cos they don’t have much room!”

Josh: “Much room?, I thought you said mushroom. I thought fungi was a building company.”

Nevermind Josh…. 🙂

Thursday Franky and Matt were doing some maintenance at UWC, incvolving shrub cutting and weeding when a gynormous spider came from nowhere!!!

Pretty big!

Pretty big!

We finished the day by painting the common room ceiling and lots and lots of laminating!

Friday commenced with us popping into a supermarket to get some sausages to cook on the fire later on after some work. Franky, Josh, Ed, Matt and Sam went to meet Andy at Trouble Field for vegetation rearrangement. As the meadow is so boggy it attracts some beautiful dragonflies and a variety of wetland plants thrive there.

A huge bonfire was made by the cuttings of everything we had cut back when Josh stepped into the water filled ditch, beleiving it  to be shallow, he was mistaken! Later on Ed did exactly the same thing, not learning from Josh’s mistake, flooding his wellies!

We ate a fine meal of sausages and doughnuts after the hard work has finished. A good end to a good week.

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