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Week 8 – Day 1

September 21, 2009

It’s the start of a new week and we are still all tired!! But this hasn’t stopped us from being People of Honor. We have stayed at the UWC to carry out various tasks.

It will fit... some how

It will fit... some how

This morning we (Nikkii, Becky, Callum, Sam and Ruby) ventured out on to Upton Heath to search for and monitor marsh gentians. It is a lovely blue flower that lives in the wetter areas of the heath, but turned out to be very ellusive. We got covered in mud from the wet ground and spiked by gorse (and Ruby had to be carried as she refused to walk throught it) and should have been able to find about 50 but instead we found zero. 😦

So back to the centre we went. Becky and Nikki painted (yes yet more painting!) a notice board a vibrant shade of yellow, whilst Callum and Sam started to make a wooden stand for the big pictures that usually reside in the entrance so they can be taken to a conference next week.

Hard at work

Hard at work

After lunch this work continued, resulting in an amazing stand being finished – that is perfectly square!

The finished stand

The finished stand

Becky stuck all the posters onto the notice board (covering herself in spray on adhesive in the process!).

The finished notice board

The finished notice board

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  1. Nikkii permalink
    October 6, 2009 12:44 pm

    Nice one Becky – a fine work of art!

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