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Another action packed week …

November 27, 2009

The week of the magical mystery tour, read on to find out more ….

The egyptian walk

Monday began with poster making madness whilst the others attended a top secret ‘confidential’ meeting locked behind closed doors, ooh the mystery!

My wonderful poster, an absolute masterpiece!

Tuesday – Brownsea Island – we arrived at Brownsea after a very rocky crossing, although we almost lost a few on the way! Fire + Rhody = Serious smoke inhalation, no fatalities but massive success! Sam demonstrated his excellent tour guide skills as we explored the island in search of well hidden Sika deer………..deer count zero…watch this space!

Nikkii risks life and limb for the perfect photo!

Wednesday – The ultimate magical mystery tour – We headed to Lorton Meadows for a hard days slog however our plans were scupered when on arrival we greeted by a heavy downpour. We barely made it out of the bus  when the idea hit us as hard as the rain beating down on the window panes!!! And thus the magical mystery tour began…onto Portland we go heyho heyho…..into the land of Lord of the rings…goblins, fires, swords……no seriously…prisons, rocks and fossilised trees! Eventually we got round to doing some work, more than we were expecting! So to sum up a successful and enjoyable day!

Rogues gallery

Thursday – Hillies gaff – More gorse and burning and gorse and burning then…….jacket potatoes…bet you weren’t expecting that! Beautiful sunshine with a brief rainy interlude conveniently timed during lunch. The end. 

Nikkii pulls!!!

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  1. Nikkii permalink
    December 1, 2009 6:31 pm

    Excellent blogs Cassie! Reads like a dream…hope to see you again soon at the centre for more of the same- Gorse, potatoes and immense blogs!

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