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Fires, snow and mince pies

December 18, 2009

Well it’s been absolutely freezing week, but with the help of some roaring fires we’ve managed to get tons of work done. It even snowed a few times, to help with the festivity.

Typical Josh pose!!

Monday saw the return of Becky and the arrival of a new volunteer Dean, and we (Josh, Dean, Becky, Sam and Ruby) went to Brooklands Farm to meet Steve to put in one of the new ‘Jewel in the Crown’ signs. With Josh’s muscles the old sign came down in no time, and instantly people didn’t know where the centre was – the lorry delivering the new sign had to ask for directions, and we’re pretty sure that the low flying helicopters and planes were in fact also lost because of us….

But anyway, the holes were dug, the posts put in, the signs slotted in and after a lots of  “Is it straight yet?” then the posts were concreted in – and now Brooklands Farm can once again be found. But hopefully the logo won’t get changed any time soon as the posts will probably never ever come out again.

Josh didn't want to ever be parted from the sign

On Tuesday we crashed on The Island, got Lost, were chased by polar bears and attacked by The Others…. oh wait that wasn’t us!

But we (Amanda, Becky, Dean, Josh, Sam and Ruby) did go to an island, Brownsea Island in fact, and as it was mostly deserted at this time of year, then we managed to spot some red squirrels. 🙂

For a rather wet and windy day, the crossing over was suprisingly calm and unlike the last time she went over Becky didn’t get soaked by the waves. Rhody bashing was the day’s game, and after a huge fire was started then we got down to business and the Rhody was no match for us. Once Becky finally worked out how to use a saw and as Dean never stopped  then tons of Rhody was burnt.

Dean doesn't stop working - even for photos

 Wednesday rolled around and we (Hannah, Becky, Dean, Josh, Sam and Ruby) went with Noel, Nigel and Earl to Bugden’s Meadow for some scrub clearance.  Laurel, holly, hazel, and willow all had to go, as the reserve is being turned back into a meadow habitat. So another roaring (albeit slightly damp) fire was made, and eventually managed to do the job, and it even managed to cook a hearty lunch of jacket potatoes, sausage and mince pies. A brief spell of snow also made us feel nice and wintery 🙂

Dean made the rest of us look bad by doing too much work, so we stuck him on the fire

Thursday was far too cold. We  (Hannah, Becky, Dean, Josh, Sam and Ruby) went to Fontmell Down to clear the slopes of bramble. Of course, as you probably guessed, a fire was needed to burn the bramble (and keep Becky warm) and what a splendid  fire it was. With the unstoppable Dean, Hannah doing lots of work, and Josh pretending to look busy then huge amounts of bramble was cleared.

Look how much we cleared!! (and that's just half)

 So it got to the end of a very productive week, and we decided to relax a bit and do a few ‘jobs’ around the centre, whilst the snow fell around us making it really feel like Christmas.

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  1. Steve D permalink
    December 18, 2009 2:40 pm

    Brilliant! Becky’s back and don’t we know it! Top Blogging Becky, great to have you back again, filling us all in with the latest news on how the team is doing.. Just need you to teach Sam and Josh how to string a sentence or two together so that they can hope to be as good at blogging (not that I think they have any chance of that!).

  2. the truth permalink
    December 18, 2009 7:39 pm

    I can only agree with Steve D. Becky’s Blogs rock. sounds like you hae all been busy.

  3. January 12, 2010 4:18 am

    Wow men nice pic,look like your adventurous guy,good tripmen.

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