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Happy New Year!

January 12, 2010

Frollocking in the snow! Attics, signs, guided tours, fires…minus the jacket potatoes 😦 many a snowball fight 🙂 all in a blanket of snow 🙂 which definitely did not keep us warm but made us happy!

Monday 4th January

First activity for the new year involved a ladder and a torch….Becky, Hannah, Mandy and Nikki began the task that was clearing out the attic! Amidst the bat poo and cardboard boxes we discovered many a glove…always useful and lots of very interesting and unique brick! Task completed we decided to brave the frosty outdoors and journeyed over to Higher Hyde where Sam gave us a guided tour of the reserve. We were lucky enough to see quite a few Roe deer, there sparking white rear ends shone out like a beacon catching our eye! We also stumbled across some frozen ponds and had some fun skating around testing our luck to see how far we could venture out before the dreaded crack sounded, lucky for us the ponds were very frozen and no rescue missions were necessary.

Next stop Winfrith and Tadnol Heath to put in another jewel in the crown sign!! This proved to be even more of a mission than usual and involved Sam resorting to his former career as a carpenter to resolve the problem…where’s Josh when you need him!. The moral of the story is always carry a bow saw!! But with Nikki’s digging skills, Mandy and Hannah’s heavy lifting skills and Becky’s supervision the sign eventually took shape, just don’t look at the back!! Last stop before home was a quick look around Kilwood. All in all an enjoyable and successful winter days work!

Tuesday 5th January

It was just too damn cold to go outdoors today so we (Becky, Hannah, Nikki and Sam) huddled up in the centre and attempted to clean up the office….well pretended to clean the office…well we did clear the volunteer room so its a step in the right direction! We called it a day at lunchtime so we could escape before the snow hit us!

Wednesday 6th January

Snow day!

Thursday 7th

Clearing silver birch at Upton Heath to make sure the heather is not shaded out. The young birch was cut and stacked for Terry to make besoms (witches broomsticks) with. great day with lots of volunteers. Becky worked like a trooper. almost as hard as Mary. Jackety P’s were cooked and scoffed. great day.

Friday 8th January

With Sam, Becky, Hannah and Josh in tow we ventured to Bugdens Meadow with Noel and Nigel for a burning frenzy! Which later turned into a hardcore snow ball fight, Josh a Noel were on top form while Becky the sly fox managed more than her fair share of direct hits which wasn’t hard considering Sam’s poor aim!

No Josh...your supposed to be posing, Sam's the one taking the photo!!

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  1. Sly Fox permalink
    January 12, 2010 11:10 pm

    I’m pretty sure Sam’s aim was fine… my nose certainly thought so!

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