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Sooner or later the cat gets the cream…..

January 21, 2010


The snow had gone but the fun had only just begun! More gorse bashing, bird watching on Brownsea plus Josh makes his début as tree feller extraordinaire!


 Tuesday 12th January

We (Hannah, Sam, Sean, Nikkii, Mandy, Noel, Nigel and Andy) ventured over to Alder Hills to clear and  burn gorse to create a fire access point and open up the hillside for heather to recolonise. We all worked really hard and got lots done. As you can see from the photo we cleared a large chunk of the hillside which was covered in gorse taller than ourselves. After lunch Noel took us on a mini tour around the reserve, whilst walking around the lake we came across a window into another dimention just floating on lakes surface, waiting to be opened but noone was willing to take the plunge…….. In other news Andy became a Dad again (a new calf was born today at Corfe Mullen Meadow). On the way back to the centre we went to visit the new bundle of joy…lovely jubbly!

Wednesday 13th January

Sam, Nikkii, Josh, Nigel and Andy went over to Kilwood to coppice some hazel. As the new shoots grow this creates an ideal habitat for for dormice who then don’t have to travel far to collect their dinner!

Thursday 14th January

We (Hannah, Nikkii and Mandy) went to Brownsea for a spot of birdwatching with Chris! Part of the lagoon was iced up so we had some fun watching the Avocets attempt to ice skate wondering what the devil was going on! We saw loads of ducks including Shovelers, Shelducks, Wigeons, Gadwall as well as one Teal and a couple of Pintails! We were also very lucky to have a Bittern fly right past the hide to Chris and our amazement, a very rare sight! Other sightings included a Spoonbill, Grey heron, Black-tailed godwit, Moorhens. We had a really enjoyable day and learned lots!

Friday 15th January

Back to Bugdens meadow to remove Sallow, birch and lorel to return the meadow to its original state and allow more room for wildflowers to flourish! This was the day Josh felled his first tree under Sams guidence! Very successfully, he even managed to hit the glove Sam placed on the ground for him to aim for!

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  1. January 22, 2010 8:14 pm

    Sounds like you have been keeping busy.

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