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“Let’s go lay a hedge”

February 5, 2010

Introducing Casper (The Friendly ghost)!!!

Mid week task…hedge laying at Brooklands. Hannah, Josh, Nikkii, Sam and the noobs Caspar and Jonny five got down in the hedge.

Wednesday and Thursday 3rd/4th February

The Mona Lisa did not look like this....

The day began with a tour of the hedge line….Sam showed us his outstanding hedge laying success story and we were determined to meet him halfway. So we got down to work, Josh used his crowbar to extract nails from the fence while Sam watched over him like a Bird of Prey. In the mean time Hannah and Nikkii, aka The Bingo Lady, began to lay the hedge.

Nikkii and Hannah were hedging their bets...while Josh.....

Cutting the trunks of the small trees to a depth of about 2/3 of their diameter we then kicked them to make sure that they split above this cut (this stops water collecting in the crevis, which would encourage rotting and disease).  These were then folded and weaved into each other to create the hedge.  Sam says that this is great for the animals, creating a diverse habitat for flora and fauna alike.  The main species incorporated into the hedge were Blackthorn, Buckthorn, Spindle, Holly and Hazel but we left a lovely Apple tree to flourish.

Nikkii prepares for war with the bingo regulars

 Whilst not as long as the Great Wall of China it was pretty impressive (if we may say so ourselves), we’ll be finishing it off next week!

Sam lends a hand (notice the lovely apple tree behind Nikkii's head)


The team (Hannah, Josh and Caspar) were driven to Kilwood by the old man (Sam) on his 27th birthday.  The site need to be tidied after last weeks volunteer blitz!  Off cuts and felled trees were chopped to size and launched across the stream “javelin style”, whilst Ruby watched on.  The site looks great after all the efforts of last friday, just shows that chocolate muffins are good for the environment!

The cleared site at Kilwood with brash pile over coppiced stool (left middle of picture)

Josh covered some of the coppice stools with brash from the clearance to protect the new shoots from deer.  Being his 400th birthday we stopped off on the way back to buy ice creams to go with the birthday cake.  Probably the best day’s weather of the year so far.

Ruby wooby doo, this dog's lookin' at you!

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  1. Nikkii permalink
    February 11, 2010 4:54 pm

    Love it! Although not sure about the new nickname, The bingo lady…Hmmmm. Look forward to finishing the laying of the hedge! Happy Birthday Sam. you kept that very quiet!

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