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Five have a day on an Island (along with lots of others!)

February 26, 2010

Sunday 21st February dawned wet and dismal looking.  All over Poole, Bournemouth and even as far afield as Winchester, people were pulling back the curtains and hoping that the day would brighten up before the boat left Poole Quay for Brownsea Island.

These gloves were made for working!

How did it go?  What went on in the background to prepare for the day?  Did it rain?  Find out more by clicking the link..

 Phew! It’s alright we can all breath now, the events over! Loads of emails, loads of meetings, some boat trips, a few cups of tea and a little bit of stress later…done! But was it all worth it?

Shall we start by introducing ourselves?  We are students at Bournemouth Uni and we pretty much organised the whole event (with a bit of guidance from Steve and Amanda at DWT).  Who are we?  This is us…

Name: Emma
Age: 19
Fact: I used to have one really curly toe when I was younger! Cringe!
Highlight of event: Seeing people enjoy our event!
Lowlight of the event: The soup

 Name: Jess

Age: 20

Fact: Pretty ditsy at times- completely miss the point!

Highlight of event: That it turned out really good. Had a great day! Lots of happy people 🙂

Lowlight of the event: The soup, slightly too thick!

Name: Beccie

Age: 19

Fact: I’m a huuuuuge James Bond fan (Roger Moore only)

Highlight of event: The walk and seeing all the different birds that reside on Brownsea

Lowlight of the event: Burning my tongue on the soup!

Name: Terri

Age: 20

Fact: I am extremely clumsy… At work, I have splattered ketchup all down a woman’s dress, spilt beer all over a guy’s trousers and nearly knocked a little girl out with a tray of food!

Highlight of event: Well, as everyone is slating it and I helped make it, I’m going to say the soup! Yummy!

Lowlight of the event: Lowlight?! No lowlights here I’m afraid…

Name: Steve

Age: 24

Fact: I once fell backwards down two flights of stairs and managed to come out with only bruises!

Highlight of event: Learning about the history of the island

Lowlight of the event: The weather!

The A Team! Amanda and Steve (DWT) on left, then Beccie, Emma, Terri, Jess and Steve

The final preparation meeting was on the 23rd of February to gather the stuff for the website in the same building at university where we met wayyyy back in October! But what exactly have we all been up to over all those months ay?! Well, it all began when we got given a bunch of clients to choose from and (obviously we picked the best :]) and we had to create a presentation to ‘bid’ for the client! So, we made a presentation which included this joke: When is the best time to buy budgies? When they’re going cheap! – probably the reason we won, our lecturer Dr. Dot Fox (as named by DWT Steve not us!) must just love a good bird joke!

The next meeting was where we first met Amanda at the uni to decide what we were going to do! It’s always weird when your meeting someone you haven’t before “It must be her, she’s walking towards us” while staring at her slightly weirdly! 

Amanda - so that you can recognise her in the future

 Together as the BAEM TEAM and Amanda we got our brains together and came up with the conservation taster day on Brownsea Island! We wanted to create an event to encourage people aged 16-25 to volunteer because after school (that feels like a long time ago!) if you want a job straightaway or to go to uni and then get a job, your CV will look just like everyone else’s so you need to distinguish yours from the rest (Trust us, we have heard this a million times). We also know that not everyone can get straight A grades, so by volunteering it helps you separate your CV from the rest, help a cause and also help you decide what it is you enjoy!

So, among general meetings deciding what/where/who/why/when everything was happening we made our first trip over to the island on a lot smaller boat than the one we had on the day of the event. This was also where the rest of the group discovered Beccie has a phobia of the sea – she was very brave cause that boat was pretty small! When we got to the island no joke a red squirrel jumped up to say hi at the window of the building! :]

After, our trip to Brownsea, Terri wrote to BILLIONS of colleges etc to get people signed up and we also had a meeting at the youth club in town and another cup of tea :] and a chat about working with V inspired so that the volunteers could have a recognised certificate at the end of the day. DWT Steve set up the online booking system and we were good to go!

certificates all round!

The actual event: “eeeeeeek!!!!” I think I can vouch for the whole team when I say all of us got pretty much no sleep! And we all woke up to the sound of heavy rain! 😦 But thankfully when we met at the boat in anticipation the weather wasn’t the worst that it could have been! And thankfully Steve had not been persuaded by his mates to go into town the night before. The only issue was that there were 3 different yellow boats with ‘Brownsea Island’ so we sent Steve on a mission to find out which one was ours, except we accidently forgot to look after we sent him to see if he had found it, so he was standing on his own madly waving for a while – oops!

It was a breezy trip for those who braved upstairs on the boat..

 When we got to the island we split ourselves into the two teams ‘Red squirrels’ and ‘Blue Lagoon’ and went to the conservation area or on the guided walk, breaking in between to have some yummy soup…! And loads of chocolate and guess what! Some more tea 🙂

The Tea tents - THE place to meet people!

Also, while all the lovely volunteers worked away we did an interview with the media students where Terri’s Brummie accent explained how we organised our event and Jess filled them in on all the little details!  While Emma just made no sense whatsoever and looked like Mario – note to self: never wear long white sleeves and white gloves combo again!

Mario and friends!!

On the walk at this time Beccie and her Steve (haha) enjoyed an educational treat while Beccie took loads of photos which mainly consisted of the back of Steve’s head and some epic zooming skills aka the lone bird on the stump!

Beccie's picture - I thought it was pretty good? (Ed)

So, all of this plus a few more meetings and organisational aspects, plus a few more cups of tea later we had a pretty damn successful event! We hope you all enjoyed it, thanks a bunch for coming!


Emma, Terri, Beccie, Jess & Steve! x

Other CLASSIC moments:

  • When Emma accidently wrote a letter to the super market to get food for the event and it said John Lewis was an avid Naturist instead of Naturalist – thankfully Beccie pointed this out! 
  • “It’s Steve, with an S”
  • To Beccie: “Do you mean our Steve or your Steve?” Beccie: “My Steve”
  • DWT Steve losing his voice at the end of the event from shouting too much
  • Some funny radio conversations between the DWT volunteers
  • Terri’s announcement at the end of the event on the boat – how loud :]

 ps.  Loads more pictures in the Gallery for the day 

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  1. ChrisS permalink
    February 27, 2010 1:10 am

    I’m so glad you enjoyed working with Steve and Amanda – a great team. Pity about the weather.

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