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Kimmeridge, signs and Haydon hill

March 19, 2010

Josh always has his head in the sand and other stuff.

We being Josh, Hannah, Laura, Marta, Sam and Ruby began the day by meeting Brian at Winfrith to discuss the poop crime (some dog walkers seem to think they don’t have to worry about picking up their dogs waste). We also Discussed where to put a step. Investigations were assisted by up and coming photographer Brian. Bri had to utilise the cameras macro mode for the best shots.

After photo stuff we headed To the Fine Foundation marine centre in Kimmeridge. Brian asked us to put up a sign even though it was raining. Bri used his strength to full potential by lifting out the old sign successfully, many people clapped. While we worked in the wet digging holes some surfers walked by. The sign had seen better days, so Sam and Hannah had to make a few adjustments to get the beast to fit properly. While Josh and Laura dug out the holes for the posts. A few choice words later the sign was in. Marta Tamped the loose soil around the post until it could not be tampered no more.

The awesome foursome? (Hannahs words)

We had to saw the sign posts down which left us with sweet scented wood which some people found addictive.

Flashback 2 days

Sam, Laura, Marta and Josh travelled to Haydon hill for Gorse clearance.

We did this for the butterflies to the surprise of some people. Laura hopes the Butterflies will appreciate our very hard work and send her many letters of thankyou.

All of this for the Butterfly enjoi

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