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The Two Step Crew

March 22, 2010

New fantastic steps made by the Two Step Crew

It’s the start of a new week, bringing lots of new people – Kat, Josh and Cassie, and Becky is back!  With lots of new people we can get tons done, so we have started with a very productive Monday…

We being Hannah, Little Josh, Becky, Cassie, Marta, Kat, Sam and Ruby went to Winfrith in the morning to put in some new steps at the entrance. Everyone pitched in – digging trenches for the steps, tampering the soil down, ‘cheesing’ off the soil to make it level. A top job!!

Hard at work digging

Josh is the man when it comes to tampering down the soil

As a final check to make sure the soil was all well compacted and the steps worked we all spent 5 minutes walking up and down them. This created a highly entertaining video. Its comedy value is huge! Click here to see it……

We then rocked on down to Kimmeridge, via the scenic route through the army range roads. Luckily we didn’t get shot at, but we were prepared to duck just in case. The plan was to put up more of the new signs to encourage people to visit the Marine Centre, but the signs posts had been left in the boat house, and there was no one there to let us in….. so we had a sign, but no posts… anyone see a theme arising here!!

So we climbed to the top of the cliff to have lunch outside the tower and enjoy the views that weren’t visible last Friday due to all the mist and rain. Then we went to dig the holes in preparation for the signs to be put in at a later date.

Is that Becky with a spade!?!? And in the rain!! What is the world coming to!

But then it started raining more heavily, and the holes were dug, so we came back to the centre for some blog fun. Stay tuned for tons of blogs over the next few weeks….

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