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Troublefield UNCUT.

March 24, 2010

Fortunately Josh's belt was done up.

Finally a day this week without rain 🙂 and we all had a fun day out at Troublefield…


 We being Cassie, Marta, Little Josh, Becky, Kat, Sam and Ruby were joined by the amazing Josh, and headed off to Troublefield to join in with all the wardens and other volunteers on a massive day of (according to Noel) scolloping. In actual fact we were scalloping – creating wavey edges on the edge of a woodland in order to create warm sheltered areas which is beneficial for butterflies and other micro-organisms.  We did this by cutting down hazel, birch and sallow, Becky was reborn by felling her first proper sized tree.  Of course  we had to burn all the wood – you guessed that right? Although this was some what tricky as this type of wood is very wet, but we got it going eventually into a lovely roaring fire.


Josh was being mobbed by pesky midges and so using his cunning and quick wit (his words) he fashioned a rudamentary fly repellant using only the tools of nature – lots and lots of mud.

Josh has been in the sun too long

 A joint effort from our fire and the wardens fire meant that lots of grub was cooked for lunch. A good day all round. Lots of work done, and Becky didn’t fall over (although she did have to get pulled out the mud on a few occasions)

Now we’re off to watch Neighbours.

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  1. Spring watch team permalink
    March 24, 2010 8:12 pm

    This big josh guy sounds pretty sharp and in-tune with nature. a real asset to any organisation. well done

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