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Uptonotverymuch! Tee Hee!

March 25, 2010
Today was birch and sallow clearing. Little Josh, Cassie, Marta, Kat, Sam and Ruby (until she was a bad girl and banished from the site) joined in helping ‘Da Thursday Massive’ on Upton Heath. the big idea was that removing the scrub species would make way for the Heather to recolonize the area. below you can easily see nobody doing anything.
No one working…

As a thank you to the many vols who have been working hard throughout the summer Andy and Nigel had a mega food fest with rations aplenty…  


Marta’s sausages went down very well, alongside black pudding, chilli sausage, fried halloumi, and jackety P’s. To follow were Marshmallows and bananas with chocolate. These are Marshmallows… honest.

sausages and toilet rolls... Yum!


 Cassie seriously approved of the food. 

Cassie insisted on a close up. Smiles all round!


Josh decided that as part of his calorie controled diet he would only have a whole Crunchie, white chocolate and caramel in his banana. 

if it bleeds, we can kill it!


 That was that. a great day lots of work and fun had by all. 

Stay tuned for more Tales of Interest. 

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  1. Cassie Nicol permalink
    March 26, 2010 9:23 pm

    yeh those little marshmellows do look like toilet roll haha lol

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