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That’s a bit harsh!

March 30, 2010

A visit to Coombe Heath, to clear some gorse started the week and then Tuesday it was time to put in the third and final sign in at Kimmeridge. 🙂

The hat-trick


 On Monday, Little Josh, Hannah, Kat, Sam and Ruby went to Coombe heath to clear some gorse, as it is really not very useful to most wilflife especially when it is very dense and practically dead in the centre of bushes. And, you guessed it – a fire was needed to burn it all.

Little Josh hard at work

In the afternoon they went on a reptile quest and found many slow worms, common lizards and even a smooth snake!! (which Becky was very gutted she missed)

What a beauty

Tuesday rolled around and Josh, Becky, Kat, Little Josh, Sam, Ruby and Freddie headed off once more to Kimmeridge to put in the final sign. We picked up the sign and posts from the boatshed where they’d been left a few weeks ago and so we not only had the two sign posts, we also had two extra. Makes a change!

Is it a dog, or did we steal a lamb from a field?

Despite the wind and rain and the army shooting at us (well they actually just practicing on their range, but the noise was epic), the sign went together very easily – far too easily, it was all very suspicious. The hole digging proved to be more problematic though, Little Josh struck a huge stone that took a lot of muscle power to break up, but eventually the hole was dug (deep enough to find water – we suspect we dug right through to the Great Barrier Reef).

Josh squared

 Little Josh forgot we’d dug two holes though and with great style and comedy timing stepped back into the hole Big Josh had dug and fell over.

You can try and hide, but we will still take a photo!

Once the sign had been put in we went off to Higher Hyde, where we happened to meet Steve and Neil and offered to cut down any pine and gorse  that was leaning on the fence for them as we were going on a walk of the reserve and would go past all the fencing any way. Little Josh was the man for the job and lots of the fence line was saved from lots of rogue branches leaning on it.

If you need something doing properly - ask Little Josh

Plenty of wildlife was found on our tour. Some palmate newts, toads, a frog and a couple of young sika deer, but unfortunartely the raft spiders and lizards were’t out to play today.

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  1. The truth permalink
    March 31, 2010 10:48 pm

    Sign looks good. Can you bottle ‘josh power’? Others will want to know.

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