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Pond ahoy!

April 1, 2010
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Posted by: the survivors, some never made it back.

It’s Little Josh’s last day 😦 and due to a series of unfortunate events we were stuck at the centre as all the vehicles were in use. But that didn’t mean that we didn’t have a great day and we had a day full of laughter as well as hard work.

Captain Ruby takes to the water

It’s a glorious April Day and the Famous Five (and dog) –  being Becky, Little Josh, Josh, Kat, Sam and Ruby were set the task of restoring the bund aka ‘the pond to be’. So the first task was to empty it of water. We thought it would be easy. We were wrong. Very very wrong.

To start off we attempted to siphon out the water using some hose pipes, and while we were waiting we created a bank at one end of the pond using the soil that had been dug out of Josh’s ‘pond in progress’. Time passed and a lovely bank was made that will enable wildlife to enter and leave the pond once it’s finished. Josh’s ‘pond in progress’ was also improved by creating a shelf around the edge and Becky cut some of the branches off the sallow that was overhanging the car park.

But the siphoning of the water wasn’t emptying the pond as quickly as we would like. So we turned to plan B – removing the water by bucket power.

We didn't flood the car park... honest

How a wheelbarrow with a hole in it held that much water was a mystery.

 Someone found a plastic boat by the lock ups. We don’t know why it was there, but it provided hours worth of fun.

Josh shows off his speed boat maneuvers

Bucket power was tons faster than siphoning, but it was tiring work. So we stopped for a well deserved lunch of Domino’s pizza and Ruby was so tired from all the running around she’d been doing that she fell asleep on Becky’s lap. Awww.

What exactly was on that pizza?

After lunch we went back to our ‘pond to be’ and had to think of a new way to empty the water out as it was too low to remove with buckets and the siphoning was not working at all. Many ideas were tried. Most were ridiculous. All were carried out with style though.

Firstly tarpaulin was throw in and we attempted to cover it in water so then we could lift it out. Not quite as effective as we’d hoped.

We've not had a Josh pose in a while

We decided that a big sponge would be useful to be able to soak up all the water from the bottom. But alas we didn’t have one (and Freddie wasn’t on hand either); so we did what we are best at, and improvised using a large sheet and a mop. The mop was really quite effective, but slightly too slow. We won’t talk about the sheet…

Bet you've never seen someone mopping up a pond before

The next crazy idea was to rake up all the algae from the water and then lie the buckets down and push all the water into them. This also didn’t prove efficient. So in a final attempt to empty the pond we got the shovels out to shovel the water into the buckets. This was pretty effective, but a thin layer of silt is still on the bottom for us to deal with another day.

The team bury freddie

So we’re well on the way to making this into an amazing new pond 🙂

Happy Easter everyone.

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