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Lizards and more

April 8, 2010

After a nice long Easter weekend its time for the work to start again, with hedge laying digging and surveying a plenty. This little common lizard was found at Lorton Meadows.

Ruby's new best friend

On Wednesday we, Josh, Becky, Sam, Kat, Becca and Ruby went to plant a hedge. After stopping off at Brooklands to pick up some little saplings for the job we headed out to Lorton Meadows. The old hedgeline had been completely over grown and so it had been removed and some new saplings planted to create a new hedge to separate the two fields. But unfortunately quite a lot of the saplings hadn’t made it and needed replacing. So we were the team for the job. We spent a day removing all the dead ones, digging new holes and planting the new ones, with species such as hazel, dog rose and thorns, and of course, making sure they were protected by tree guards.

The Three Musketeers

We all had a great day and then went home. There is still plenty of work to be done though, so more fun days out at Lorton will be happening soon.

A blog wouldn't be a blog without a photo of Josh

Thursday was a highly educational day, which started bright and early at 9am with the Moth Group, identifying the moths that had been caught that night. Moths such as the Common Quaker, Hebrew Character, Brindled Beauty, Pine Beauty and Dotted Chestnut were amongst the varieties that were identified.

Then we being Becky, Josh, Kat, Hannah, Becca, Nikki, Ellie, Sam, John and Nigel went to Upton Heath to carry out a brief spot of survey work followed by some digging. After splitting into groups to take different routes we met back up to discuss what we’d seen. Some groups had seen lots, with one groupd seeing common lizards and stonechats another group saw some Dartford Warblers and a roe deer, but the most exciting thing some one saw was just a squirrel.

Then we began on the hard work, digging out new sand patches for the lizards to live in, all were high-class, 5 star sand pits, fit for the highest class of sand lizard. Sam found a sand lizard where he was digging, which was all very exciting as most of us had never seen a sand lizard before, and it stuck around for ages whilst people took photos of it (so if any one wants to donate their photo to the blog, it would be appreciated)

In the afternoon we all headed back to the centre were joined by Miranda and listened to a great talk on deer identification from Sam. We are now all very confident that we can identify deer when we spot one, although Becky did have trouble a few days later when she was on a train and spotted a deer, as it was gone before she had time to blink, but is pretty sure it was a roe deer.

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  1. Sam of the Hamer permalink
    April 19, 2010 1:51 pm

    Had it been eating ice cream? Slender legs? Agile? Downward pointing anal tush!!!

  2. Deer spotter in training permalink
    April 19, 2010 11:23 pm

    I don’t know, I was on a train, I saw it for about a second. It just looked pretty, so I made my judgement based on that….. so extremely accurate of course!!

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