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Tadnoll Entrance – Day 2

May 12, 2010

After successful clearance on Day 1, Day 2 saw David and Matt brought in for their speciality (post removal). Josh was waiting eagerly (or not) in the wings to start putting in posts for the new fence.

Post team Alpha

After putting in the first post Josh had a long hard think about the position of his next one, while catching a draft on his shins of course!

One down, plenty to go!

 With Josh’ shins getting goose bumps the ever resourceful Dan made him a bigger pile of vegetation to stand in.

Work experience kids do have their uses

With the old posts gone and the new ones flying in, the fence quickly started to take shape. The man of steel looking suitably impressed with Josh and Dans hard work.

Even Superman needs a break sometimes

To be continued again……………..

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