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Wet and watery with Springwatch

June 11, 2010

By Nicky Hoar

Communications Officer, Dorset Wildlife Trust

It’s been a brilliant week with Springwatch at Kingcombe Meadows and Powerstock Common, with Kingcombe’s roe deer fawn winning the ‘cutest so far on Springwatch’ prize, according to me and some of the BBC production team.  Kingcombe has been looking so gorgeous that we had Jodie Kidd, no less, visiting on Wednesday – we had a breathless call at our Forston HQ from our Kingcombe staff to say that somebody who looked like her was wandering around outside –   It turned out that, yes, it was her and she was filming for BBC’s Country Tracks, so you’ll be seeing more of Kingcombe Meadows in the future.  And now let’s go down to the water…

While we are all captivated by the swan family at Abbotsbury,  Chris Hague from Nether Cerne very kindly sent us this fantastic photo of cygnets in his garden, which is just along the valley from our HQ at Forston.  I think I can count 5 – what do you reckon?  The Cerne is one of Dorset’s very precious chalk streams, fast flowing, crystal clear waters that are tops for wildlife.  Simon met up with some of our volunteers this week, who had been working on clearing the invading monster Himalayan balsam from the Hooke, the chalk stream that runs through Kingcombe and eventually into the Frome.  We have just launched our Return of the Natives project to get rid of this monster (it’s Britain’s biggest annual plant), which is stifling all other vegetation wherever it gets a hold.  I’ll be getting stuck in on 15th June as we launch the project with a major assault on the alien invader on the Hooke.  Come and join us! And, please .. if you want to buy any plants for your pond or wet bit of your garden, make sure they are native plants, like purple loosestrife, meadowsweet, marsh marigold or water forget-me-not – even the names are beautiful and the bees love them.

It's big,it's strong, it comes from the Himalayas and it stifles any living thing within reach - no, not the yeti, it's Himalayan balsam

Now you may have noticed I have managed not to eat anything in this blog, but hoping for better things as I head off to see how Simon is getting on down at the seaside and even in the sea (he’s got 20 years or more of diving experience, but don’t expect to see me under the water – I’ll leave that to our marine team – I do like a swim though, and a paddle is definitely on the cards) .  So, off to the seaside and surely at least an ice cream for my next blog post.. .have a great weekend,


Dorset Springwatch

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  1. June 12, 2010 10:13 am

    Brilliant post Nicky. Did you manage to get your icecream and a paddle?

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