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Row, Row, Row Your Boat

July 23, 2010

A Becky blog

Sam’s Amazing Super Squad

Another week full of adventure, tales and fun….. and of course we did plenty of work too. It was a very construction oriented week, starting with a bike rack, ending with a duck island with some fencing, shed building and pond digging in the middle. As ever we do everything with style….

We're always at the forefront of fashion


Monday 19th July

The week started with a visit to Lorton Meadows to help to improve the facilities by putting in a new bike rack. This required lots of digging as a hole needed to be dug to bury the base of it.

If it was easy, everyone would do it

It was hot work but the team managed to get it all done, and put in the water-butt too.

Ta da!

Tuesday 20th July

 Back to Bugdens Meadow to finish off the last of the fencing. Now that its finished the cows can be brought on to graze the meadow without them escaping. A handy stile and a gate was made at one entrance into the field.

Wednesday 21st July

 Because we had so much fun last week, we went back to the Purbecks to help Rachel restore an old pond for the Great Created Newts that live nearby to use. Lots and lots and lots of digging was done to reach the original stone base of the pond. One part of the pond was particularly muddy and wet and resulted in a few people getting stuck or nearly falling over.

We then went to Kimmeridge and did a litter pick and in the space of about half an hour in a small area collected 17.5kg of litter to add to the 5kg of litter that other volunteers had collected at the weekend.

Thursday 22nd July

Shed based activity went on on Thursday. The shed that we gave up on building last week was to be put up today, as Dean the shed extraordinaire was in, and so it was all systems go. With some help from Matt and Josh, Dean made a great job on the shed with only the roof left to go by the end of the day.

This is Josh's idea of helping

Meanwhile part of the common room was transformed into a new Wall of Awesome and Wall of Shame. The Wall of Awesome is for people who have achieved legendary status or hero status and the Wall of Shame is for those who have done silly things such as falling down holes. They don’t look much now, but hopefully soon the Wall of Awesome will be full of people.

Hero status achieved

The 'No Excuses' Wall

Friday 23rd July

There is nothing better than messing around in boats. For health and safety reasons we’d like to point out that we weren’t messing around. It was Duck Island Take Two time, and was far more successful than take one……. seeing as we could actually get out of the centre today.

We were putting in 2 duck islands into the pond at Alder hills for ducks and moorhens to nest in and have a  safe  to lay eggs away from gulls and other birds of prey. We took the duck island we’d built last week along with a half built one and constructed it on site.

Duck Island 2 in construction

Whilst this was happening the barrels from Duck Island 1 were being filled with water so that the pallets would lie just at the surface of the water. We didn’t know quite how much water was needed and so the first few attempts resulted in the duck island sitting at a slightly jaunty angle, but we didn’t think that the ducks would approve.

'Well it's Friday, what do you expect?'

We finally got it level and despite the fact that new boats don’t get launched on Fridays cos its bad luck, we did any way. Then Mike and Dean complete with life jackets, rowed out with it to attach it to the telegraph pole in the middle of the pond.

'It's getting away..what are we attaching it on with?' 'The blue rope' 'What blue rope?'

 After a successful boat trip we started on the next duck island, which included more dramatic events… A very hilarious moment happened as Sam was pulling the duck island into its horizontal  postition and it fell over a bit too fast pushing Sam backwards further into the pond. But this part of the pond suddenly got dramatically deeper and therefore way out of Sam’s depth so he ended up up to his neck in water. After the second of panic it was actually a very amusing moment which unfortunately there are no photos for (you can blame me).  The duck island also became a bit grounded on the shore line…

Dean nearly had the Sam fate as Sam

Once it was in though it was towed out to the second telegraph pole by Sam and Matt without any more mishap. 🙂

The two island..... blending in nicely like they've been there forever

So it’s the end of the week again and as Sam says its been ‘Bam-tastic!’

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