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Yay it’s Monday!!!!!!

July 26, 2010

Post by Becky and Bethan

Sam’s Amazing Super Squad

Well it’s Monday again and we’re all wide awake and ready for a new week of fun. We started off the day by helping unpack from the successful weekend event: Wild About Wimborne and then headed off to Upton Heath to clear away vegetation from the sides of a track.

Earl was hard at work protecting us from tiny chihuahua crossed with jack russel dogs

The captain of Super Squad this week is Noel as Sam has gone on holiday (the rest of us are jealous) and so this means that the team mascot this week is the lovely Earl. Despite there only being a few of us today, this wasn’t going to stop us achieving legendary status 

Claire and Mike prepare to do battle.

So we made our way over to part of the old railway line on Upton Heath so we could clear away the gorse, bramble and various other over grown plants. This was a very important and necessary job as they were obstructing the way for vehicles to be able to drive down, such as fire engines which could potentially be needed as its the height of summer and fires are a major threat to the heath.

The before shot..... well nearly

 Because it was a public walk way we put up some lovely ‘Danger: Men at Work Signs’ which the girls weren’t very impressed with and very nearly decided that this meant that they didn’t have to do any work and could just sit and watch. But we didn’t think the boys would manage it by themselves so we gave them a hand after all.

The girls weren't impressed with the sign.

It was hot tiring work but as we like to say ‘If it was easy, everyone would do it!’

Legendary Status Achieved

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