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Becky’s Magical Mystery Tour

July 28, 2010
A Post by Sam’s Amazing Super Squad


It was a cold, bleak, dark and stormy night and the group (Becky, Crissy, Franky, Bethan, Noel and Earl) set off for a spooky mystery adventure at Kilwood…….. well actually it was a very sunny, incredibly hot day but that doesn’t sound so scary.

If you go down to the woods today, you're sure of a big fright!


The day’s task was to cut back the vegetation that was overgrowing the main track through the reserve. Lots of bramble, gorse, nettles, hazel and other plants had regrown back over the track as it has been nearly a year since we were last there cutting it back.

The traditional before shot

Our favourite tool of choice was the Grim Reaper style slasher which had been nicely sharpened the other day.

Two-saw Crissy upgrades to a slasher

It was very hot work but we got lots done, but as the track goes on for ever deep into the heart of the wood, there is still plenty more to be done another day. So this mean plenty more mystery adventures 🙂

Working hard

At lunch time we headed off to find some well needed shade and went to sit by the ponds that were made from old clay mines. Becky made a new friend when a baby newt (eft) climbed onto her leg.

Norman the newt

After lunch the gang went on a magical mystery tour of the reserve, led by Becky. Lots of wonderful and exciting things were seen including an abundance of butterflies and a tree covered in woodpecker holes. Ants have now taken up residence in some of these holes which looked pretty cool.

Woodpeckers move out, ants move in..... isn't nature awesome!

After going through the meadow with the cute horses we passed the old oak tree that had thrown its branch off a couple of months ago and the Super Squad had chopped up a few weeks ago. We then headed though the woods and it was very Blaire Witch style and Becky was hoping that she knew where she was going, otherwise we’d have been lost in Kilwood…. possibly forever.

We managed to find the ancient oak trees and marvelled at their shear size and also an ash tree with had King Alfred’s Cake (Daldinia concentrica) which is a black ball-shaped fungus that is useful for survival purposes as it can be lit and will smoulder without going out and therefore can keep your hands warm.

Yum yum cake time

We made it out of the wood (much to Becky’s surprise) and spotted lots of butterflies around the vehicle so we tried to identify a few, we saw Large Whites, Meadow Browns, and Speckled Wood.

Speckled wood

 And so comes the end of the mystery of Kilwood.

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  1. August 4, 2010 11:08 am

    Wow it sounds like you’ve some pretty amazing wildlife in Kilwood … I think I may take a trip to this place if only to see if your little newt friend has grown since your picture was taken… he was about 2 foot when I saw him last … oh should point out im looking at the post on a projector … hes huge! 😛

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