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We’ve Got Cows

July 29, 2010
A post by Bethan and Crissy

Sam’s Amazing Super Squad

The awesomely great team today (Bethan, Franky, John, Luke, Noel + Crissy (and Earl of course!)) was joined by local hero Rod who came along to give us a hand!! 🙂

Already a hero, our work here is done.


When we first arrived we set to work after the ritual (Safety talk). Our task of the day was to cut down as much of the sallow trees as humanly possible in the time given!

Franky protecting herself from the wasps nest!


This is because the field a SSSI for it’s orchids and these cannot grow in the shade of the trees. We will also be getting a helping hand from the meadow’s latest residents, 4 ½ Shetland cows! (the half is a calf on its way very soon!)

The cows on their holiday from the Shetland Islands - don’t forget your suncream!)


The cows will snack on the regrowth from the newly choppoed trees, therefore keeping the meadow clear from unwanted arboreal guests.

Meanwhile Noel was getting his hands dirty poisoning laurel, it’s not as bad as it seems, he assured us that the poison that he used is as environmentally friendly as you can get. But would you believe a man dressed from head to toe in an all white jumpsuit?

Earl was a bit concerned that Noel would soon be on his way to Mars!


After a hard day’s work we had managed to clear most of the area:

One of the four epic piles created today

All we are waiting for now is for someone to come along with a chainsaw to massacre the remaining beastly trunks (that were too big for our little saws 😦 ).

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