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Cream Tea Time

August 6, 2010

A post by Becky

Sam’s Amazing Super Squad

What a week it’s been, starting with DIY at Beacon Hill and ending with the volunteer cream tea event at Kingcome Meadows, and all sorts in between.

Chilling after setting up the Volunteer Cream Tea Event

Monday was an office based day but we had a massive list of things to do, with all the staff and volunteer helping. The super squad painted walls in one of the toilets a lovely shade of lilac (by accident though, we thought it was white), unstuck a window that had been painted shut years ago, put up hooks and a paper towel dispenser, but the crowning glory was the cover that was made for the compost bin.

Look, it opens!

On Tuesday the squad went to Higher Hyde to remove an old mattress that someone had stupidly dumped there, and then went to Winfrith to do some ragwort pulling.

On Wednesday we went over to Haydon Hill to sort out the car park at the entrance way as it was very over grown and not much space left for cars. When we got there, the heavens opened and it was all rather wet. But this wasn’t going to stop the super squad was it. The car park is now free from all unwanted vegetation and very spacious. We then went on a little walk in the reserve, which is an unimproved chalk grassland on a steep north facing hill, which is currently being grazed by cows. There is also a little population of rabbits, so there are quite a few rabbit holes, perfectly sized for Becky to fall down. Luckily for her, she managed to avoid them all, but she is convinced that the possibility of her falling down them is why Sam chose to go to that reserve.

Thursday was a day for Lorton. When we arrived we went to inspect the gateways in one of the Meadows, as some get particularly muddy in the winter which isn’t so good for visitors walking and enjoying the reserve. So we filled up the ranger with a ton of gravel, and then got to work with the spade-er-ros.

The gateway in question, with Ruby for size

Firstly we put down some nice flat rocks to even out the ground a bit……. so of course more photos needed (and you will soon see a theme in these photos).

For a small dog she amazing at moving rocks.

Once the ‘foundations’ were laid, it was on to the gravel. All in all a fine jobbie, and hopefully it will be less muddy for people in the winter. We also did a bit of chopping down of the over hanging trees close to the area to make it all nice and safe 🙂

It's all her own work

After lunch, we got back to the spader-er-ros and moved a massive pile of gravel and spread it around the base of the bike rack that the squad put in a few weeks ago, to make it even more secure. We then headed back and redesigned one of the volunteer display boards for use on Friday to show how amazing the super squad are.

Friday rolled around, and once the ranger was all packed with gazebos, display boards, signs and moths (the ones which Mike and Becky managed to round-up and not let escape) the squad set off for Kingcombe Meadows. The weather wasn’t as good as we could have hoped for as Steve had forgotten to book in some sunny weather with the resident Meteorologist.

Becky officially declared it to be raining.

After putting up the gazebos, we set off to put up some signs to direct people from the car park in a nearby field to the cream teas, as we wouldn’t want them getting lost after all.

How many people does it take to put up a sign?........ 3 apparently

Finally we put up the volunteer display boards, and then we were ready to go. We sent Mike off to the car park to direct people in the right direction whilst the rest of us chatted to the other DWT volunteers and interviewed some with a rather strange looking recorder, to find out why they think volunteering is so great and why more people should get involved.

It's a work of art

Of course the cream teas all went down well, and the rain eventually stopped 🙂

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