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Huw do you think you are?

September 1, 2010

A post by Becky


There hasn’t been a blog for a while, but never fear the SAS have not been slacking, apart from on the photography side of things. So Josh made up for that today by taking about 50 photos in 5 minutes whilst we were fencing over at Tadnoll.

Our fencing efforts so far

Last week the Supersquad went to East Stoke Fen with the intention of pulling up more of the invasive Skunk Cabbage, however, plans changed and instead we mended one of the stile’s into the reserve (as the Skunk Cabbage the squad pulled up a few weeks ago has not returned).


Anyone remember last Wednesday? For those that don’t, I shall remind you – it rained, a lot. Rivers running down streets type weather. Did this stop us though? Of course not! We went out to Alder Hills to add another layer to our duck islands. No one fell in this time (fortunately, or unfortunately depending on how you see it) but we got just as wet from the rain.

Back to messing around in boats.

On Friday we filled up the minibus full of many many members of the SAS (Huw, Ali, Becky, John, Shona, Josh, Mike and Kyril) and headed down to Sandbanks to catch the boat over to Brownsea:

Our impressive mode of transport

After watching the red squirrels and having a nice cup of tea (and some cake) at the Villa we headed out to the patch of of rhodi that needed cutting down.


As there were tons and tons of people we mananged to get masses and masses of Rhodi cut down, although as we were working so hard we didn’t have time to stop for photo taking. We took a scenic route back to the boat, via some massive trees that had fallen into some ponds, and the highest point on the island to see the views out over the harbour towards Poole.

Becky feared she may get pushed in

Only a small group of today so we headed back to Tadnoll to do more of the fencing for the new car park area. Lots of holes were dug and nails banged in in the glorious sunshine…. a nice change from the weather last week when we went.

Whilst trying to attach a very warped rail, Josh had difficulties hammering in the nails.

Josh finally does some work

 So Sam showed him how its supposed to be done:

Sam shows Josh how its done

 But then disaster struck, and the troublesome piece of wood broke.

The look of despair

 Attempt two with the last bit of wood we had.

3 is better than 1, especially if the 1 is Josh

Our beautiful fence

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