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Behind the scenes at this years Walk for Wildlife

September 21, 2010

by Angie – Vol Admin

The Walk for Wildlife is an annual event, which helps to raise money for the Trust.
The walks take place through the stunning coastal paths and are different circular walks which started from the Margaret Green Animal Sanctuary in Church Knowle.

Tea, cakes and biscuits! What more could anyone want?

There was a variety of walks for all, starting with the 5.8 and 10 mile walks to the daring 24 mile walk for the more experienced walkers whom were up for a challenge!!
The week before…

The volunteer team had a really busy this week leading up to the walk, I spent hours and hours making all route signs then laminating and checking through the guide booklets and so we were all very busy organising for this huge event. Flyers were handed out to various pubs, and adverts sent out to try and encourage more people to the event.

Help! I'm drowning in route cards!

Sam and his supersquad walked the 24 mile route first and set up all signs so the walkers are directed clearly on each of there chosen routes. Steve set up the 5.8 mile route signs and together we then did the 10 mile route. The weather looked great when we set off so Steve made the decision that we should not take our coats, it wasn’t until we were on the top of Kimmeridge Ridge that black clouds came over and it rained… we then had to walk the rest of the way in the rain in just a t-shirt… Thanks Steve! 🙂

Black clouds and rain... great!

I had a raven following me most the way back so I must of looked like I was suffering quite a bit, the walk definitely made me realise how unfit I am, especially when going up the hill onto the ridge… Steve was power walking up and I was completely out of breath and I didn’t think I could make it!!! Thankfully Steve came to the rescue with ‘Kendal Mint Cake’ and that soon perked me up a bit and so was able to slowly but surely carry on…
I personally feel that we should get a certificate and t-shirt anyway for doing the walk early!!

Steve power walking ahead along Kimmeridge Cliffs!

The walk definitely seemed worth it once up on the ridge, and I got some good pictures to remind me of the day 🙂
Steve was fixated by one particular sheep up on the ridge…

Steves wooly friend!

The day of the Walk… 

The wildlife team split up into groups to man various checkpoints, so we could refuel the walkers with cakes and drinks. It was an early start for some as we had to be prepared for the eager walkers and runners that started at the crack of dawn. The V team even came with a band to cheer on the weary walkers on one of the final checkpoints.

I and Ali were on the last checkpoint giving out cakes and tea and coffee to warm up the walkers and give them the sugar rush that they needed and well deserved, whilst trying to dodge the cameras! lol

Ali and I attempting to dodge the camera... but failing!

We stood for ages in the cold wind waiting for people to arrive back throughout the day and Ali and I had to jog and dance around on the spot just to keep warm 🙂

Ali jogging on the spot to keep warm!

We got a few funny looks but it helped! The walkers thought we were mad as they were very warm since walking such a huge distance but when you’re standing still it’s not so warm!

It was a very successful day, the weather was quite good and we thankfully got away without a drop of rain! There were lots of happy dogs by the end, and I’m sure they slept well that evening!

Bring on the next years Walk for Wildlife!

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  1. crystal permalink
    September 22, 2010 9:39 am

    Another top notch blog guys. i heard that Josh was really helpful to all the walkers, a definate asset to the trust. anonymous walker.

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