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The Return to West Bexington

September 28, 2010

By John

Today we went back to West Bexington in West Dorset to continue with the reed bed management which we had started a week or so earlier…..only this time we were helped by a large group of volunteers from Dorset County Council.  Once the Health and Safety talks had been given we quickly got stuck in with hand tools and the power scythe.  The machinery made pretty light work of the reeds and we quickly had a large enough pile to burn.


Fire number 1

As you can see there is no smoke without fire and while the Council volunteers disappeared to the pub for lunch….Ahem! We burnt the pile we had created in the morning, and kept ourselves nice and warm while we had some lunch ourselves.

No doubt fuelled by a glass of wine or two the Council volunteers worked very hard in the afternoon as the rain set in, only with increased banter.  We managed to clear a large after lunch and thanks to the rain we had a difficult time burning it, with a good soaking of rain the reeds burnt very slowly and created more smoke than we could possibly could have imagined.  Thanks to the slow burn we had one of the longest days ever…not making it back to the office until 6.20pm.

Who says we just go out and have fun!


Fire number 2

The area we had previously cleared is already recovering well with shoots a good 7 or 8 inches high already, by spring it will be an excellent habitat for birds.

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