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Reedy wet at East Stoke Fen

October 1, 2010

By John

On a very wet and windy day the Super Squad headed to East Stoke Fen for some reed bed management, armed with Rachel and our experiences from cutting reeds at West Bexington we were brimming with confidence, and of course waders!

With the water coming rapidly from above and below we set to work, firstly we managed to get a fire lit so we could burn what we had cut, which in itself was an achievement given how wet it was.  We were there to create a few small ponds within the reed bed to maximise its biodiversity.  A couple of chaps from the nearby freshwater laboratory came down to work with us and advise as to the positioning of the ponds.


Getting stuck in


After Sam had been round with a brushcutter we could quickly remove the reeds and the pond started to take shape.  We also had the help of Amanda’s group from The Richmond Fellowship who worked incredibly hard to get the reeds out and onto the fire.  As you can see by the smiles their spirits were not dampened by the rain!


Big smiles all round!

Once the reeds were removed and burnt the hard work could start with digging out the roots to make sure the ponds we wanted to create stayed reed free, this was by far the muddiest task of the day and we all quickly gained a muddy tinge to our arms an some of us to our faces.


Slighty muddier and wetter


As you can see our hard work had started to pay off, and the area which we had cut is starting to look more and more like a pond, as least we don’t have to wait for the rain to fill it up!

The guys from the Richmond Fellowship really got stuck in after lunch, they worked so hard they even made Amanda apply an all natural facepack… this space for skin cleansing results!

Amanda’s new beauty regime

By the end of the day we had created a lovely looking new pond…..there’s only two more left so keep an eye on the blog for more wet days from East Stoke Fen…


The finished product

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  1. Rachel permalink
    October 16, 2010 10:57 am

    I am sure there are some fundraising options for selling East Stoke mud face packs. Maybe Amanda could be the new Face of Fens?

    Thanks everyone for venturing out on such a wet day!

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