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Walk For Wildlife – The Volunteers

October 15, 2010

By John

Sam Amazing Super Squad set off bright and early to set up our checkpoint on Kimmeridge Hill for the Walk For Wildlife, for many of us it was a surprise that 8:30am existed on a sunday!  Still we powered through and got the vehicles loaded up with all the refreshments for the intrepid walkers and we were on our way.

On arrival we had to battle against the wind to get the marquee up, and laid out an unbelievable spread of Claire’s mums cakes, biscuits and drinks. Making ours the best checkpoint by far!

With three boxes full of delicious cakes it was crucial that Bethany kept an eye on them, especially with so many hungry volunteers around, but of course we had to try one  to make sure they were up to the usual standards.


Bethany's on cake watch



The marquee's up, time for 5 minutes of standing around!

As you may have noticed from this photo we were definately the most musical checkpoint, Chrissy and Bethany came armed with a guitar, ukulele, flutes and a cajon (which is the wooden drum which you can sit on and play).  They quickly blew us away with their musical talent, some of us even joined in for a good old-fashioned sing-song, we are not just a bunch of pretty faces you know, we are a squad of many talents!


The travelling Volunteer-burys


Pretty soon the first walkers started coming through, and as they were checked off the list they enjoyed drinks, cakes and were all impressed that we had provided entertainment as well.  The Urban Heath Partnership also had a stand offering refreshments for dogs, some of which looked exhausted from pulling their owners up the hill.

As there was some large gaps between groups of walkers we had to provide our own entertainment, the music covered this quite well but Sam also made an excellent new hat from a poo bag, clean of course!


A man of many hats

We had a steady stream of walkers for most of the day and with the afternoon winding down all was left was to pack up and make our way back to the Urban Wildlife Centre, all the walkers were safely past our checkpoint and in good spirits, the last challenge of the day was getting the minibus out of the field.  This was only achieved with the help of Brian, a chain and another vehicle.

Roll on next year, we’ll see if we can get a full band playing……

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