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Brownsea gets a celeb visit!

November 11, 2010

By Angie – Vol Admin

Last Tues we had a very special guest arrive on Brownsea Island, gracing us with his presence, it was in fact… Mr. Simon King himself!

Yes, the special guest is…. Simon King!!

Yes, despite the torrential rain and cold winds he still came with a big smile and a very positive, cheerful attitude!

Read on for more about this amazing visit…

His enthusiasm of course rubbed off on all the volunteers and helpers and we hardly even noticed it was raining….
Except apparently my lips went blue I was that cold, ha-ha. I did wonder why the pictures were coming out blurred… turns out I was shivering a lot more than I thought I was!! So I do apologise for the quality of some of the pictures!!

We all started off sheltering from the rain in the Villa and were even contemplating if it would even be possible to get outside at any point since the rain was really hammering down! But as soon as Simon King arrived we all poured outside to greet him and had a nice introductory speech before we proceeded to the Mac hide.
I managed to get to the front so I could get a good snap of him cutting the ribbon and officially opening the hide…



There were lots of pictures afterwards and I think I even managed to sneak into a few!!
Although it was a great shame that I looked like a drowned rat after all the rain – but I wasn’t too bothered about it at the time!

The 2 Simon's together (Simon King shakes hands with Simon Cripps CEO)...

We all then proceeded down to the hide itself and piled in and fortunately I was near the front again; so a few blurred pictures later, I managed to get a few decent shots ( after finally finding out where the flash was on my camera…!)
Simon was taking a lot of great pictures of the Avocets, and with that camera you can imagine how amazing the images looked!

Simon King getting some great shot’s of the Avocets

Lots of pictures were being taken in the hide, I can’t believe how tolerant and nice he was… I practically had my camera glued to my hand and he still continued to smile for the pictures and have a good laugh with us. What a nice guy he is!!

I was lucky enough to get 2 pictures with him whilst in the hide as I was sat next to him. Whilst we were taking pictures of the Avocets, I also got a picture sat next to him before we left the hide, so I was well chuffed! 🙂

Simon and I watching the Avocets 🙂

Me looking slightly in shock but very happy!

A few more pictures of Simon were taken just outside the hide (the more professional posed ones) but I still managed to get a good one of him by the plaque.

Simon King standing outside the Mac hide

Everyone then proceeded down to the Villa to warm up with tea, cakes and sandwiches were provided. I think everyone got to chat with Simon, there was a great atmosphere there, everyone just enjoying his company 🙂
I would like to thank Gary – it was his second day working for DWT and he was a huge help, rushing around clearing up around everyone and a lot of people noticed his hard work.

In the Villa, we all warmed up and dried off, the weather cleared up and the sun tried to come out. There was a guided walk going on which I unfortunately missed as I was too busy drying off by the fire in the Villa!
But it was lucky I did miss it in the end as Kerry and I approached him and Kerry asked if he would mind if she did a quick interview for the podcast which he very willingly agreed too and, although she only got to ask 2 questions it was well worth it!!
When it comes out you should definitely go and have a listen!

Just before we all left the Island after Simon took a few pictures of the famous red squirrels, I managed to get an autograph from Simon after plucking up all my courage! And even though it was just on a scrap piece of paper – it definitely deserves to be framed along with my picture with him since I am a huge fan!

Enjoying walking around Brownsea Island..

We all travelled back on the boat together afterwards and I am sure I can speak on behalf of everybody else there and say that we all had an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G day, and would like to say a massive thank-you Simon King for coming over and making the day so special 🙂

If this has inspired you to go to Brownsea, the Island opens again in March next year and it’s definitely worth a visit!!

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  1. Nicky permalink
    November 11, 2010 5:18 pm

    Great blog, Angie, and a great day for Dorset! Brownsea is actually opening weekends from Feb 19th in 2011 and every day from 2nd April for the summer.

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