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Hedges are great.

January 13, 2011

Post by Becky and John, SAS

Happy New Year everyone! With Christmas way in the past the Supersquad have thrown themselves back into hard work, mainly because we need to burn off all the food consumed over Christmas. Even little Sonny has grown massively in the 2 weeks, although he’s allowed too.

Not so tiny any more.

Over the past 2 days we have been relaying an old hedge at Corfe Mullen Meadow. At first it seemed quite a daunting task as the hedge hadn’t been laid in a good many years and so all the branches were really thick, and in some places there wasn’t even anything to lay.Most of us hadn’t laid a hedge before, so we got a quick talk about why its important to lay hedges and how to do it.   Hedgelaying is a great way of providing an excellent habitat for dormice and other mammals, and good nesting opportunities for birds as they provide a great deal of cover and protection from predators and the elements.  Hedges which have been laid provide green corridors across large areas of land so different habitats are linked and many different species can flourish.  In the areas where there was nothing or little to lay we filled them in with ‘dead hedging’ which were excess bits which we removed and dead wood which we found in and around the existing hedge, this also provides great habitats for invertebrates, which in turn provides a food source for mammals and birds.

Then we got stuck into it, cutting part way through the branches as close to the ground as possible, and bent them over, inter-twinning them as we went.

Isn't John's car rubbish

For the areas where there was no hedge, we went to dig up some sapplings from near a more recently laid hedge, and planted them in the gaps.

By the end of day one we had finished the first section of the hedge. And it was lovely. On the second day we were joined by Andy and Nigel and their team of volunteers, and so we managed to get most of the length of the hedge done (and also eat lots of yummy food).

Look, a hedge!!!

For those of you who will rememeber, Bob had the nose. Mary will never forgive.

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