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They couldn’t go round it, they couldn’t go over it…. so they went through it.

January 24, 2011
Posted by Becky and Sonny, SAS

Today’s escapade was fixing a fence at Winfrith that had been injured when a 4×4 decided to drive through at high-speed during the frosty season. The only casualties of the crash were some headlights and a strainer post. Doctors say that the strainer post probably won’t make a full recovery,  being that its snapped in half.

Mind that fence!

So the surgeons were called for to see whether anything could be done to restore the fence to its former glory. The surgeons were part of the supersquad, so naturally they could fix anything.

Firstly, the now deceased fence posts needed to be removed from the wire part of the fence. This was a fairly simple task until the pliers broke, which then made the task slightly more tricky, but of course not impossible. Then excavation of a new hole was needed, this involved using spoons and a rabbit naturally, as all good surgeons know, until a deep hole down to Australia was dug.

Then in went the strainer post and the soil from surrounding mounds of earth was cheesed off and packed in to keep it in place. Then strainers and posts were added and just like that it looked more like a fence.

At this point, you’d think the surgeons would have taken a break, but not supersquad surgeons. Next job was to tighten and attach the now very stretched wire onto the new posts.

'Hit it like you hate it'

And so after a couple hours of intensive surgery, the fence made a full recovery and hopes no more cars crash into it.

New fence and what was extracted from the old fence.

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  1. July 21, 2011 4:14 am

    Lets grab what we can..We should be grateful that during their albeit powerful fifteen minutes of fame the Amigos let the TV camera sit in..To me there were only two things missing.

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